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The COVID-19 epidemic has been extremely challenging for almost every business, and it seems the situation is not likely to change for some weeks or months. And, the education system is the last thing that will be allowed to re-open for students, for their safety. Training is traditionally carried out in classrooms, either at your place or a dedicated training center. While this confers many advantages – like being able to ask questions, and learn in a fun engaging environment with your peers – and also it has disadvantages. Training Centre’s isn’t flexible, with the hours and accessibility issues that can be proved difficult for some people. But, anyway based on the current scenario world is in, these training centers aren’t beneficial for anyone.

What the students truly need now is an e-learning platform, that offers efficiency, affordability, and emerging non-outdated topics, which help them grow and be one step ahead. Blocklogy E-learning by contrast is an entirely online form of training. Blocklogy E-learning offers, multimedia contents to its students i.e. texts, audio, and video, for a better understanding and the engagement of students with the course they have subscribed for.

You may have been facing with the number of scenarios; you would never think would come, due to COVID-19 lockdown. By using Blocklogy E-Learning during COVID-19 isolation, you can occupy your vacant time by learning new skills and technologies or brushing up the old ones.

Blocklogy is known for its e-Learning app, that offers online learning with Courses on Frontline Techs & The sessions, workshops, training programs,  FDPs, STTPs, Blocklogy has been conducting for years in well-reputed universities and colleges around the nation. Blocklogy with its online learning platform offers various certification courses on future-techs. Blocklogy E-learning offers Blockchain Authentified Certificate after the completion of the courses, powered by CertiDapp In-house tie-up for issuing individuals credentials with much more security and reliability. 

Followings are the available courses on Blocklogy E-Learning:

Blockchain: Blockchain is a growing tech, because of its nature of improving the efficiency and transparency to any sector it gets implemented on. Blockchain improves the transparency and fidelity between the operating parties; it lessens down the value chain and breaks down the workflow, hence, paces up the inter-party processes. Becoming a certified blockchain expert, will not only opens-up various job opportunities for you but also, makes you future-ready.

Ethical Hacking: The general purpose of Ethical Hacking is to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. By becoming a certified ethical hacker, opens up high-paying jobs for you, jobs where you`ll be enhancing the digital network security and prevent security breaches, for big brands and organizations.

Intelligent IoT: IoT has the capability of becoming the future of our cities, can tap knowledge from these data streams faster than the traditional analysis.  Intelligent IoT is Artificial Intelligence + IoT, a futuristic certification course to make you future ready professionals. Intelligent IoT can tap knowledge from these data streams faster than the traditional analysis.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: AI & ML are the two very hot buzzwords right now in the market. Machine learning is a current application of Artificial Intelligence-based around the concept that we can really be able to give machines access to data and let them self-learn and improve, as you see in sci-fi movies.

TechnoIngress: You might think what is TechnoIngress? Well, technoingress is the most unique and known course of Blocklogy E-Learning, it is basically a  platter course – a bundle of all the above mentioned glorifying subjects, in a single course – TechnoIngress.

All the above-mentioned courses are available at a very affordable price, compared to other similar online courses, and are designed and outlaid in such form and simplicity that a person from any different field, with no technical knowledge can learn and grow.

Download Blocklogy E-Learning App & Get Future Ready

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The Paper & Traditional Digital Certificates, your organization issue might face the problems related to its authenticity. And, not only it affects its authenticity but also, limits your empowered organization, to be flexible and innovative, because of the lack of customization and features of a traditional way of issuing certificates. To overcome the problems such as – lack of customization, risk of fraudulent and heavy charges you pay on each certificate, Blocklogy has partnered with Era Swap and has come up with a Blockchain-powered Digital Certificate Issuer. Means, in a few clicks Your Organization can issue certificates in bulks for free.

Yes, You`ve heard it right – For Free as of now, before the next version comes in! Using CertiDapp you can easily issue various kinds of customized Digital Certificates such as – Participation Certificates Scholarship Certificates, Course Completion Certificates, Internship Certificates, Delivery Certificates, Agreement Certificates, Rating – Benchmark Certificates, etc. Technically, anything based on your requirements, with a unique touch of Blockchain`s trust and security.

Using CertiDapp, Blocklogy Edutech has issued Certificates of Participation/ Scholarship/ Workshop/ Course Completion, etc. to encourage students for their achievements on the secured blockchain network. Since Blocklogy`s goal has always been to identify skillful students and offer them the opportunity to learn and rise through multiple programs, Blockchain-powered certificates just seemed right to ensure that these bright students have authentic and genuine credentials stored on a public blockchain, for their efforts and achievements. And, with Era Swap implementation of ECDSA security, no one can fake a blockchain certificate, and with the decentralized nature of blockchain, CertiDapp becomes a durable, reliable, and secured way of issuing certificates.


Cost Implementation: Issuing Certificates have never been this easy, in just a few clicks your organization can issue credentials in bulk with no cost at all, only the receivers will have to pay a custom gas fee based on their urgency on the blockchain network for claiming certificate successfully.

Blockchain Credentials: Blocklogy advice to that organizations and institutions should adopt these modern ways of issuing certificates, because not only it increases security but prevent fraud, and help our organization build trust among people and make your institution known for its innovation, transparency, and efficiency.

Transparency: Issuing Credentials to your Students/ Employees/ Customers, offers transparency but at the same time – it identifies your organization as a modern, secured, and transparent – since, all your credentials will be maintaining privacy and efficiency.

Fraud Prevention & Security: With the help of the Elliptical Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA), no one can fake a certificate. CertiDapp Certificates will always available to confirm, using ECDSA, even if the certificates are printed.

Signature Verification: Prior to the final submission of your certificates on the blockchain, CertiDapp`s Smart Contract ensures that signature on certificates is by a KYC Approved certifier using ESDSA.

Durable & Reliable: Credentials of Blocklogy Edutech are protected and better able to withstand malicious attacks, with the help of Era Swap powered CertiDapp. Since, there is no central point of failure, because of the decentralized nature of Blockchain, your organization too can try this open-source certificate issuer, to issue certificates.

Own & Share Your Achievements: Once you receive certificates on the blockchain, you own it and you can share and verify at any point in your life. Your Official records are now yours forever and are safe on a blockchain network, of CertiDapp




Blocklogy web:

The Spread of coronavirus disease known as COVID-19 is a public health emergency along with economic and social consequences in India and across the world. As businesses are impacted, education is also facing huge disruption. But, should that stop you from staying behind? Can it stop you? To provide the necessary to the students – Blocklogy is providing online courses on frontline techs at very affordable costs, along with webinars with experts for the Diploma course.

You can download Blocklogy E-Learning App from Play Store, there are multiple technologies covered from basic to advanced level so that beginners as well can get the most out of it. There are courses available on subject such as – Blockchain, Web 3.0, Data Analytics, Ethical Hacking, Intelligent IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and more. With the subscription of these courses not you only become a Certified Expert, but get to spend your time productively and learn & grow, to become future-ready, so you can start your tech career right after current circumstances gets in control.  

By becoming a tech expert, especially on high demand subjects like Blockchain, you get one step ahead by increasing your value in the market – by gathering such techy skills, so it helps you to grow exponentially, just by getting certified by Blocklogy Online Course. Not only as in career, one can choose to build their own dApps (Decentralized Applications) to help the world reach its inflection point, by implementing blockchain in different business sectors, with your blockchain skills, to change the way current sectors work, and bring more output, more profit, more efficiency to the table.

There are more than enough reasons to learn frontline and futuristic techs like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Demand of Blockchain technology is growing rapidly, according to the census, it is found that 0.5% of the world`s population are using blockchain today, and 50% people use the internet, so this is an opportunity for new learners to walk ahead of the world and learn Blockchain like tech.

All you have to do is:

  1. Download Blocklogy E-Learning App
  2. Subscribe for you tech-course that interests you – If you are a beginner who is seeking for a platter course, where you can learn multiple techs from basics in a single course – we have exactly what you want – TechnoIngress, the right platter course to learn multiple techs at a single place in a very affordable price.
  3. Complete Your Subscribed Course – With rich multimedia content and quizzes
  4. Once your course is completed, get your Course Completion certificate, powered on the blockchain. Yes you heard it right, you will get a digital certificate that too powered on Blockchain Technology using an open-source application of Blocklogy – CertiDApp
  5. NOW? You have already taken the first step by becoming a Certified expert form Blocklogy Online Course, now you can take a second step and start your thriving IT/ Programming Career.

To know more about Blocklogy E-Learning and Our other initiatives to empower students towards next-gen techs, visit

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Decentralization and transparency is one of the top benefits of using a blockchain protocol. The primary difference between a Blockchain and Database is centralization. While all data stored in the database is centralized, each participant on a blockchain has a secured copy of all records and all changes so each user can view the provenance of the data. Hence, your personal data is more secured on Decentralized Platforms.

Era Swap has developed a decentralized self-sustainable ecosystem, a peer to peer marketplace, where buyers and sellers can exchange services in a p2p mode without any third party interference. Era Swap Life is a single ecosystem consisting of multiple interlinked platforms created for Era Swap Community members where they can utilize their ES (Era Swap Utility), to buy and sell services.

Difference between Decentralized & Centralized Platform


  • While relying on centralized platforms you have to trust them blindly with your data. Since it is a centralized platform, it means that all your data is under the control of these giant corporations, which can manipulate and have access to them totally.
  • On a decentralized platform, you don’t have to worry about your data since decentralized platforms are synonymous with trustless. User doesn’t necessarily have to trust them because even if they want to access they cannot access users data since it is driven on smart contracts and stored securely.


  • Centralized organizations can suffer from the negative effects of several layers of bureaucracy. This means whatever you buy or sell, the cost you may include hefty middlemen charges, which will be distributed among extra multilayer middlemen’s and corporations.
  • Decentralized Platforms are known for their cut downs on costs and fees charged for various activities. Since decentralized platforms are powered on Blockchain, there are less of extra multilayer middlemen charges and more of transparency, security, and lower costs.


  • Centralized platforms lack transparency because of its centralized nature. Because of its centralized approach, there is always a chance and risk to lose your data on the wrong hands. As well, because of its lack of transparency, the organization does not always notify users how and what they are doing with user’s data.
  • Decentralized platforms are transparent with their algorithm and not be overly present false statements because they are willing to test and make improvements with the community. Whereas centralized platforms will never share their algorithm or be transparent about how and what they are doing.

If you think this is time we should stop being relied on a centralized platform or you want to give a decentralized approach a try. Do Create Your Wallet on and, become a part of the Era Swap Life Ecosystem.

To know more about our interlinked platforms check below article

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For more than 20 years the Internet was narrowed down to the usage of a few tech-savvy that knew how to navigate it. It’s only in 1993-94 that it became mainstream when Marc Andreessen created the Mosaic browser while studying at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and brought the Internet to the general public allowing them to navigate the web comfortably with a positive user-friendly experience. And, for the first time user could establish an active presence over the internet by loading their own documents, photos, sounds, video clips, and hypertext “links” to other documents. And just like that, navigation of the internet started to have a meaning and it made sense to a layman.

Afterward, Marc Andreessen was on the team that created Netscape, the Internet browser that reached 38 million users in eighteen months breaking records, and the first dot-com company was made.

In the blockchain world, Bitcoin (2008) was the first application of the technology, the most disruptive, and its first wave of users, just like in the first internet era, was also more on the technical savvy side. Despite significant immunization of capital into the blockchain space, we have not had yet an incredible app or project that could compare to Mosaic or Netscape.

This is why we still believe to be in the early stages of the blockchain technological cycle similar to 1994 during the Internet Revolution, expecting more market cycles to happen in the upcoming years.

During the early days of the internet, people could actually communicate with each other without the need of a central company like Facebook or Google. Decentralizing the web simply means going back to the origin of how the internet was intended and promote a peer to peer communication again. In technical terms, it also means a shift in how information is stored and retrieved. While nowadays we use http and https links to identify information on the web by location, this will be done by content instead, making it easier for websites and files to be stored and passed around from peer to peer (computer to computer) rather than having one single server as a receiver and transmitter of information.

The financial services industry is up for serious disruption—or transformation, depending on how it approaches this issue. For the research for Blockchain Revolution, we went through and identified eight different things that the industry does: it moves value, it stores value, it lends value, it trades value, it attests to value, it accounts for value, and so on.

All these things can be challenged and can be better with the use of Blockchain.

Followings are the sectors that can utilize the immense potential of Blockchain technology:

Financial Services

The issue with today’s banking systems, as sophisticated as they are compared to decades past, is that they lack inclusion and fairness. Interest rates and transactions are heavily laid in favor of financial companies, and customers gain little & pay more. It gets worse when you realize that banking services are absolutely necessary. Hence, individuals are forced into unfair deals.

Blockchain can universally rectify the situation. With a smartphone and an internet connection, both of which are widely available, anyone can bank, start a business and receive payments. With no centralized authority & incorruptible ledgers for oversight, financial services on the blockchain would place power back in the individual’s hands, offering solutions without exorbitant interest rates and additional multilayer middleman fees. The banking industry even suggests that up to $20 billion can be saved by eliminating infrastructure and middlemen charges.

Real Estate

Blockchain integration with Smart Contracts can make finding and renting out a house seamless. Because it directly connects landlords with tenants, it removes brokers and their unreasonable fees from the rental equation. And, because of the auto-enforcing nature of Smart Contracts, it is a lot easier for potential tenants and landlords to connect, make decisions, establish, financial terms and offer payments.

With the implementation of Blockchain, we are aimed to establish a P2P network of hosts and guests. If blockchain is implemented users will be assured security and there won’t be problems of fake reviews, and data breach.


Data of individual patients are a crucial part of the medical industry. Secure storage and data access, which could be protected and make efficient diagnosis, is possible with blockchain. Since healthcare is a pillar of any national economy; the industry is difficult to modernize on a large scale and is hindered by legacy data management systems and outdated infrastructure.

Blockchain aims to provide cheaper and more efficient solutions to patient data processing.

Supply Chain Management

The Supply chain industry is one filled with many challenges, most of which are concerned with reducing rising costs and efficiently supplying products to retailers and customers. However, the industry faces several unmanageable obstacles.

Blockchain-based Smart Contracts offer a potential solution to this problem. Imagine if an industry as significant as the automobile industry utilized a system in which cars would be manufactured only when a fixed number of requests were received.

To eliminate the worry of overestimating demand and resource consumption, it is possible for funds to be locked into a contract, using Smart Contracts, whereupon manufacturers would begin production only after a certain number has been reached. As well, it will eliminate the middlemen by directly connecting consumers with manufacturers.


There is a little need for decentralized systems in governance. In many parts of the world and, even in the USA which has been held as the gold standard for democracy since long, voting power is manipulated and twisted to favor parties or even certain individuals.

Using Blockchain technology a peer to peer governance protocol can be created, and only you, the voter have access to your voter information. Because of the transparent nature of the Blockchain, those in power will be held more accountable for their actions.


Insurance policies are approved through the verification of the insured party’s data. The approval of insurance and payout of claims are still severe pain points for the industry. The insurance market has several layers of intermediaries; the process is inefficient and lacks ease of communication.

With the implementation of Blockchain we can encourage new business models, reduce risk through better data access, increase transaction speed & insurance approval, and of course, improve overall customer experience.


Today’s publishing industry is largely in the control of a small group of publishers. It can be difficult for a yet unrecognized writer to break into the industry, and their success is dictated by the whims and fancies of these publishers.

Blockchain-powered platform can overturn the current system, where influence is in the hands of publishers, by using a tokenized system that recognizes the work of any writer. In the blockchain-based publishing system, writers can also write and publish without the assistance of publishers.


The energy industry is also filled by middlemen. Blockchain technology could change that by letting individuals buy and sell energy through smart contracts.

Blockchain technology can recreate the concept of how power can be generated, conserved, traded and shared. With the help of this technology, users can sell power that they`ve stored on their solar panels. Any excess power that isn’t essential could be sold for value.

Job Marketplace

The systems of employment have been changing. Studies have shown that employees, along with demands for good pay, wish for flexibility with work and the freedom to work from home.

Freelancing has grown and become more popular. While professionalism has grown on both sides, trust always remains an issue because there is currently no way to enforce it. But, blockchain can change it, with the implantation of blockchain, clients and freelancers can interact. And, both parties can be assured of their requested services. With the help of blockchain we can sustain a freelance market, that freelancers will love, but with the assurance of pay and delivery of work.

Internet of things

By the integration of Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things is another technological development that is up and coming, with radically transformative effects.

The term of this integration is Intelligent IoT, which has the potential to essentially connecting all our devices through the internet. Hence, we are soon to live in a world where our smartphones can talk to our cars and fridges.

With no central system necessary, blockchain would make this heavy processing much easier to handle while also securing data in an encrypted format. Tokenized mechanisms can monetize transactions between different devices and seamlessly integrate different services.


Blockchain will further establish a sense of equality and democracy through its disruptive power. It will create a more level playing field, where individuals and small businesses will be able to compete with corporate powers that have established their dominance through the advantage of value if implanted correctly.

Basically, the lesson here is, in whatever industry financial mechanisms favor one party over the other, blockchain can come in to equalize the system and ensure that everyone gets their fair cut.

There are many Startups implementing Blockchain technology in business, but they aren’t cost-effective and blockchain platforms have their limitations. Era Swap sees this as an opportunity to build an ecosystem that solves these problems.

Era Swap has newly launched Era Swap Life Ecosystem; it incorporates many interlinked platforms such as  Time Trading, e-Marketplace for farmers, for Local Shops, e-Learning App, Freelance Platform, Social Sharing Platform, Online Prediction Platform, Rewarding Platform for Networkers and many more Decentralized Self-sustainable platforms are coming soon to appreciate the value you deliver.

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Blocklogy is an initiative to help students grow their technological knowledge and get introduced to growing and emerging technologies. Blocklogy e-Learning App covers all the topics from Beginners to Expert level and provides costly-effective courses such as; Blockchain, Technoingress, AI & Machine learning and multiple courses based on futuristic technologies.

You will be learning Blockchain using different modules of different levels; one doesn’t need to have programming or any IT background to e-Learn Blockchain since Blocklogy will be providing knowledge from basic to expert level. Also, Blocklogy Quizzes will keep you entertaining while increasing your knowledge.

Followings are the topics you will be learning under various belts in Blockchain Course:

White Belt

Under white belt, there are multiple topics such as; Network Protocols, Basic Cryptographic terms, Introduction to Blockchain & Distributed P2P network and many other features and benefits of Blockchain along with its practical use-cases.

Yellow Belt

In yellow belt, you will be learning Basic of Cryptocurrency, Cryptoeconomics, Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain, Mining Algorithm, Applications of Blockchain and many more topics on the subject of Blockchain

Orange Belt

In an orange belt, you will get a complete understanding of Wallet & Its types, Metamask, Digital Signatures, Types of Digital Certificates, UTXO, Hyperledeger and various topics to improve your knowledge and expertise on Blockchain.

Green Belt

Learn Solidity & Its alternatives along with Smart Contracts, EVM in Smart Contracts, Web3.js & Ether.js, Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain and multiple topics on the subject of Blockchain

Blue Belt

Under Blue belt you will be learning ERC Standards, ICO Smart Contracts, ERC20 Token on Ethereum, Hashgraph, Multichain, Advanced parameters and other topics covering various aspects of Blockchain technology

Brown Belt

Learn Elliptic-curve Cryptography, Bitcoin Payment, Go-Ethereum, ISON RPC, and Rust Programming with other important topics, quizzes, and videos included in all the levels of the brown belt

Red Belt

In Red Belt, you will see various topics such as; Hyperledger fabric, Chaincode, PKIs, Public Blockchain, Private Transaction, Stellar, Lumens, and multiple cryptographically sound systems to give you more exposure towards Blockchain & Its possibilities.

Black Belt

Learn about Micropayments, Multiple testnets, ISON RPC API, In-depth Smart Contracts, Node Discovery Protocol, Web3.js library and many other topics that will help you complete your Blockchain learning

Ninja Belt

Under Ninja Belt, you will get to learn multiple topics such as; IBFT Algorithm, RAFT Consensus protocol & Permissioned network, Creative private contracts, Docker & Vagrant, Multichain, and various utilities.

Now that you know all about the Blockchain Course of Blocklogy e-Learning App, don’t hesitate to take a step forward towards your Tech career. Install Blocklogy e-Learning App now, Subscribe for Blockchain Course & Learn efficiently

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The potential of Blockchain technology to disrupt nearly every industry and solve its current flaws cannot be dismissed even though there are still several obstacles to overcome we see its full transformation and right implementation with authorization. Despite this rapid growth, many experts believe that it is blockchain – the secure, decentralized, distributed digital public that can solve the problems of traditional platforms and make traditional ways of doing this more advanced and better.

Since traditional p2p platforms aren’t cost-effective and existing blockchain platforms have their limitations, KMPARDS sees this as an opportunity to build an ecosystem that solves these problems. KMPARDS is a Parent Company consist of two various projects under it, both are the initiative for the betterment of society in different ways. Those two projects are called Era Swap Life Ecosystem & Blocklogy. 


Let’s begin with Era Swap Life – Era Swap Life Ecosystem is a self-sustainable e-marketplace created to appreciate the value you deliver. Era Swap Life Ecosystem is a vast project that holds multiple different platforms such as; Decentralized Freelance, Decentralized Prediction, Social Community, Affiliate Program, Decentralized Token Vesting, Decentralized & Secured Wallet, E-mart for SME.

Also, there are more upcoming platforms that will be soon part of this ecosystem, that are P2P lend and borrow, Multi Exchange Solutions, Marketplace for farmers, and Next-gen Dating App. To know in-depth about Individual Platforms check this blog out


Blocklogy is an e-learning platform it is an initiative of Team KMPARDS to empower students towards emerging technologies like Blockchain & AI.

Blocklogy Programs

Blocklogy is associated with multiple reputed universities from different states to make students future-ready with the help of various Collaborative Tech-events, Workshops, Scholarship Programs, Industrial Visits, Internship Programs, FDPs, STTPs, and multiple seminars on emerging technologies with its applications & live projects. If you want Blocklogy to conduct events on your campus/ premises, you can contact us on

Blocklogy e-Learning App & Platform

Blocklogy e-Learning App is developed to educate students of all age groups across the globe on the subject of Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Intelligent IoT & IoT, and more. This application follows Learning Layer Approach from Beginner to Expert Level and is designed in such an interactive manner that any student can think about the implementation of what is learned.

The Blocklogy e-Learning Platform offers numerous things to initiate students towards future-technology. It offers e-Learning App, Live Sessions by industry experts, FDPs, Live projects to give exposure to real-time use cases in testnet scenario, Research & Development, Interaction with Industry Experts through On-site visit and any dynamism Blocklogy can contribute.

KMPARDS aims to spread awareness about next-gen technologies across the globe through an e-Learning platform and build a self-sustainable marketplace for the betterment of mankind


Blocklogy e-Learning App:

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Era Swap Life Website:

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In the past decade, we’ve seen technology develop with overwhelming speed. And, students need to keep up with the changing technologies to compete and have an adequate career.

In order to educate students of all age groups across the globe & empower them towards futuristic & growing technologies, Blocklogy Edutech has introduced an e-Learning App offering Blockchain Authentified Certification on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent IoT & IoT, Networking, Ethical Hacking, Technoingress (Platter) and more.

Blocklogy Edutech has been associated with multiple well-reputed and distinguished colleges for Academia-Industry Collaboration for promoting multiple technologies and exclusive activities. Following are the activities Blocklogy conducts and known to attain successfully

  • International Conclaves & Summits
  • Boot Camps
  • Internship Programs
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Short Term Training Programs
  • Industrial Visits
  • Center of Excellence
  • MoU for Technology Partnerships
  • And, many more

Advantages of Signing MoU with Blocklogy:

  • Blocklogy Scholarship Programs
  • Blockchain Authentified Certification Course
  • Practical Assignments with Real-time Projects, Case Studies & Use Cases from Industry
  • Learning Layer Approach from Beginner to Expert Level
  • Comprehensive Self-learning online courseware & videos with Trainer Monitored Program
  • Career Guidance, Best Talent Absorption, and Internship Opportunity via Assessment Panel
  • Incubation Offering for Entrepreneurship for the top selected projects
  • Affiliate & Meritocracy based BOA Reward Program
  • Premium Listing of Certified Subscribers in Upcoming Tech Marketplace

To know more about our this Initiative Project of Educating & Empowering Students towards Future Technology, Check our Website

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Blocklogy E-learning platform developed by Blocklogy Edutech to educate and empower students towards future technology. It includes multiple tech courses such as; Blockchain, Intelligent IoT & IoT, Networking & Ethical Hacking, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Technoingress.

Technoingress is a bundle course for students who want to educate themselves about all various technologies from a single course. This is the kind of course mostly preferred by students from other fields and are interested in learning new technologies.

Followings are the subjects and topics included under various belts in the Technoingress Course:


White belt is the beginner’s level, where we start educating from the basics for the virtue of the users. Under this belt comes Fundamental-Ingress & Networking, where we introduce Technoingress with the topic of networking.


Under Yellow Belt, it includes topic such as Software Development and Testing. In this belt, you will learn computer programming, also known as coding. Also, testing the developed software’s, it is the process where tester, test the website and software before proceeding.


In Orange Belt you will learn Python Programming, Python is an interpreted, high level, general-purpose programming language. Under Orange Belt, you will learn Python Programming using 3 different levels like; level 1, level 2, and the final level.


Under Green Belt, you will get to learn Blockchain Technology. Blockchain is basically a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Since the time of its arrival, Blockchain has continued to gain popularity because of its potentiality to solve the traditional platform`s flaws, because of its decentralized approach.


Under Blue Belt, you will learn Artificial Intelligence. AI is sometimes called Machine Intelligence; it is the trending subject students should learn because it helps to create technology that allows computers and machines to function intelligently.


Under Brown Belt users will learn Natural Language Processing. It helps computers communicate with humans in their own language and scales other language-related tasks. The whole subject will be covered under the brown belt using three different levels consisted of various topics and applications.


Under this belt, you will learn Mobile App Development. It has become imperative for the success of almost every business. The mobile app provides an effective market tool that looks after customers, which makes it a growing and important topic one should learn.


Under Black belt, you will learn about the trending technology i.e. Internet of Things also known as IoT. IoT provides business with a real-time look into how companies system really works, delivering insights to everything from Supply chain and logistics operation to performance of machines.


Under Ninja belt, you will be learning using different levels on the subject of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing encompasses even more roles and skills than marketing ever before and its flexible, versatile nature of the business that makes it so fascinating and an excellent career choice.

Now that you know what all the benefits of Technoingress, don’t hesitate to subscribe for the most adequate course of Blocklogy e-Learning App; Technoingress

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Blockchain has become very popular in recent years, because of its nature. It is a distributed digitalized ledger technology that enables extremely secure and legitimate transactions to take place using a peer-to-peer network. Blockchain was introduced in 2008 and brought into practical use from 2009. Since then, it has continued to gain popularity and has become increasingly useful and efficient in a lot of domains.

Because of the craze and potential Blockchain brings and interactive design and diverse topics of Blocklogy E-learning App, Blockchain is one of the most subscribed courses in Blocklogy. Blocklogy aims to educate the concept of blockchain and nurture new talents in Blockchain Programming. This initiative will develop the future community of future-oriented technology and build a strong foundation of better tomorrow.

Five Reasons to learn Blockchain with Blocklogy

  • Excellent Career Opportunities

Since blockchain was introduced as a new concept, it has created more and more job opportunities for trained blockchain professionals. Once you educate yourself about Blockchain you will be one step towards your promising blockchain career. Every year and especially around 2017, a significant hike in salaries was noted driving more people to get trained and seek jobs in the blockchain domain.

  • New-age Technology Integration

Blockchain is flexible to integrate with all sorts of traditional as well as new technologies, because of its universal infrastructure. It already has various applications in the domains of banking, commodity trading, voting, supply chain, management, etc. Also, the concept of blockchain, smart contracts, and distributed ledger system merges perfectly.

  • High Demand

Since the time of its arrival, Blockchain has continued to gain popularity and prove its potentiality. Statistically, it`s proven that blockchain`s demand in the market has increased every year. This level of growth shows that blockchain is going to remain a domain of having job opportunities.

  • Transparency

Technically, blockchain is a secure chain of digital records that exists on multiple computers rapidly so no record can be erased or falsified. Blockchain`s lack of central storage place ensures there is no one target for hackers. In fact, some suggest that blockchain could become a component of the next generation of the internet.

  • The Inflection Point of an Era

Blockchain is believed to be one of the revolutionary technologies that secure the spot in the market. Already many Giant Corporations have integrated with blockchain technology. This means that it won’t take long for blockchain to become a widely accepted technology.

These were the reasons for you to learn blockchain. We hope this list of reasons will help you make your mind. And, if you have made up your mind visit the link below, Download Blocklogy E-learning App & Empower yourself towards future technology.

Apart from Blockchain, there are many more compelling courses available on Blocklogy such as; Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Technoingress, Intelligent IoT and many more.

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