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In association with Amity University Mumbai, Blocklogy Edutech presents Build In Blockchain e-Conclave 2020. This conclave is an initiative to build a community committed to building the Blockchain Ecosystem while expanding the role of the market in the global blockchain industry producing a conducive business environment and promoting decentralization and transparency.

Build In Blockchain e-Conclave is a space where Startups, Entrepreneurs, Government Officials, Investors, Technocrats & Academicians will gather and discuss multiple emerging technologies such as; Blockchain, Web 3.0, AI, Machine Learning & Many other potentials and futuristic technologies.

Why attend?

Blockchain-Based Demons & Showcases

Team Blocklogy with finest speakers is going to showcase Real-time Blockchain & Its Applications Use-cases, using live projects that are powered on Blockchain

Domain Oriented Inspiring Speakers

Share the room with Inspiring & Finest speakers, industries most progressive professionals will be joining us this conclave to discuss the impact and opportunities of Blockchain & Distributed ledger technology on business

Multiple Tracks for Conclave

Build In Blockchain e-Conclave spotlights the influential and aspiring leaders against the most current industry questions, topics, and pain points. Featuring Keynotes, Breakout sessions & Product demons

Great Networking Opportunities

Build In Blockchain e-Conclave is a space that gives you the opportunity to Connect & Share your Visions & Ideas with Investors, Founders & Co-founders, Entrepreneurs, Government officials, and Networkers

This conclave aims to make participants future-ready and focused on Industry-Academia Collaboration & Tie-ups for Blockchain-based solutions. Build In Blockchain e-Conclave is an initiative to create awareness about Blockchain & Its Applications to make it more accessible for businesses in day to day life.

Team Blocklogy Invites you to join hands together for creating and incorporating emerging technologies in India among Academia, Corporate & Government.

Build In Blockchain e-Conclave Teasers:



In the past decade, we’ve seen technology develop with overwhelming speed. And, students need to keep up with the changing technologies to compete and have an adequate career.

In order to educate students of all age groups across the globe & empower them towards futuristic & growing technologies, Blocklogy Edutech has introduced an e-Learning App offering Blockchain Authentified Certification on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent IoT & IoT, Networking, Ethical Hacking, Technoingress (Platter) and more.

Blocklogy Edutech has been associated with multiple well-reputed and distinguished colleges for Academia-Industry Collaboration for promoting multiple technologies and exclusive activities. Following are the activities Blocklogy conducts and known to attain successfully

  • International Conclaves & Summits
  • Boot Camps
  • Internship Programs
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Short Term Training Programs
  • Industrial Visits
  • Center of Excellence
  • MoU for Technology Partnerships
  • And, many more

Advantages of Signing MoU with Blocklogy:

  • Blocklogy Scholarship Programs
  • Blockchain Authentified Certification Course
  • Practical Assignments with Real-time Projects, Case Studies & Use Cases from Industry
  • Learning Layer Approach from Beginner to Expert Level
  • Comprehensive Self-learning online courseware & videos with Trainer Monitored Program
  • Career Guidance, Best Talent Absorption, and Internship Opportunity via Assessment Panel
  • Incubation Offering for Entrepreneurship for the top selected projects
  • Affiliate & Meritocracy based BOA Reward Program
  • Premium Listing of Certified Subscribers in Upcoming Tech Marketplace

To know more about our this Initiative Project of Educating & Empowering Students towards Future Technology, Check our Website

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You have probably heard the word “Blockchain” floating around the internet. Simply put, the Blockchain technology is the next big wave. It will lead to better privacy, data security and more human-like interaction, using future-techs like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Build-In Blockchain e-Conclave 2020 is the platform for Technology Disruptors, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Investors, Government Officials, and Academicians, to connect, explore and exchange ideas on various emerging technologies such as; Blockchain, Web 3.0 Applications, AI, IoT, and Data Analytics exclusively in this e-Conclave.

Top Reasons to attend Build-In Blockchain e-Conclave

  • Business Opportunities

By joining us for this e-Conclave you`ll be sharing this platform with various personalities from different sectors. With whom you can Interact & Discover about the Blockchain & Other business opportunities in the Private & Government Sector.

  • Media Exposure

As an individual or the institute you represent can gain media presence, it can boost your and your business image. As well you get the astonishing opportunities to put your business in front of the vast audience, in the presence of the media.

  • Networking

By attending, this e-Conclave you get the opportunity to share your vision & ideas with like-minded and important people of our society such as; Giant Corporations, Co-founders, Government Officials, Investors, Networkers and more.

  • Keynote Sessions

Listen & Learn from the experts in Build-In Blockchain e-Conclave, experts such as; Technocrats, Government officials, Corporate delegates & Successful Personalities. In this e-Conclave speakers will be discussing Blockchain, Web 3.0, AI & Machine learning, IoT and many more future-shaping tech, but will be focused on Blockchain.

  • For Change

Blockchain is one of the revolutionary technologies. It is a booming sector and has continued to turn heads, gain credibility and popularity. It is statistically proven that Blockchain`s demand in the market has increased every year. If implemented correctly, it can universally rectify the situation of the existing platform issues. With no centralized authority & incorruptible ledgers for oversight on the blockchain would place power back in the individual’s hands, offering solutions without exorbitant interest rates and additional multilayer middleman fees.

So what are you waiting for click on the link below and participate in this space where you get the opportunity to meet reliable people from various sectors in one place; Build-In Blockchain e-Conclave.

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