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Team Blocklogy was glad to have aspiring Summer Interns for Internship. The students got in touch with Team Blocklogy at a national level project competition. They were selected for interning with Blocklogy in the department of AI &ML.

The interns were learned and explored throughout the internship program and completed the assigned project successfully under the guidance of assigned mentors from Blocklogy. The interns did the project of ‘Face Recognition using Dense Neural Network’.

According to our interns Karnika Padia,Vennis Shah,Sakina Baranwala and Bina Trivedi from St.Francis Institute of Technology.

“This project has given us so much to learn about Machine Learning. Initially, we were naive in Python Programming but after developing this project, our experience in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has helped us gain our coding/technical skills up to a great extent and given us the opportunity to apply it to real situations. The internship was a worth-while experience and we feel that it has prepared us well for our professional careers. Each day brought us different circumstances and difficulties to which we had the opportunity to make decisions on our own as well as learn it from the mentors of the company. The project will also help us in analyzing our future projects. We would like to thank  Blocklogy for providing us this opportunity to work with them, and helping us in completing this project successfully”.

Blocklogy welcomes more such bright minds to intern with us in the area of Markets Research, Consumer Survey and Analysis of our Tech Products. If you are a deserving candidate and willing to learn, grow, explore and discover along with exciting performance driven incentive then, Blocklogy is the place for you.

Just fill up the Blocklogy Internship Program 2019 form link below to apply for Blocklogy Internship Program 2019.

So what are you waiting for – Apply Now –

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blockchain course

The demand for expert Blockchain developers and analysts has seen a huge rise in recent years. According to Upwork’s Q2 2018 report, blockchain continues to hold the first position to be the most in-demand skill on the platform, for the second consecutive quarter. Companies are constantly looking for and hiring blockchain experts, including decentralized app developers, cryptocurrency developers, blockchain and Smart Contract developers, ICO developers and marketers, etc.

“According to, the demand for blockchain engineers increased by 400 percent between 2017 and 2018.”

You can say that blockchain is one of the best skills to learn today in order to improve the value of your resume and become more competitive in terms of job prospects.

So, what all blockchain-related skills are in demand today?

Here is a list of the various blockchain jobs/skills, in order of popularity and demand, which you can consider learning. (source:

Software Engineer (software developer)

Analyst Relations Manager

Product Manager

Front-end Engineer

Technology Architect

Risk Analyst

Technical Consultant

Back-end Engineer

Marketing Manager

Community Manager and many more. 

How to Learn Blockchain Skills?

If you are already a software engineer, blockchain should not be a very difficult skill to learn. All you have to do is brush up your programming skills and get better acquainted with blockchain-specific concepts and languages.

In order to become a decentralized app (DApp) developer, you must possess the following skills.

Front-end development – it involves developing the interface of the web/mobile application which can be done by using a web development tool like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

Back-end development is, however, a more complex part, for which you must have a good understanding of blockchains and smart contracts. Coding for Smart contracts is done using Mutan (based on Go), Serpent (based on Python), Solidity (based on C++), and other high-end programming languages.

In addition to these skills and languages, you can also learn the various blockchain development tools, such as Test Net, Interactive Console, Solc Compiler, etc.

As of today, there are not many affordable resources where you can learn blockchain technology and programming courses. The ones that are available are either too costly or have limited reach. This is why KMPARDS, an EduTech organization, has come up with this unique and comprehensive blockchain e-learning platform called Blocklogy.

Blocklogy – Making the education of Blockchain Technology affordable and convenient

Blocklogy is an e-learning platform which is available in the form of a mobile app and aims to meet the demand gap by nurturing new Blockchain talent with convenient and affordable education.

(i)Accessible to everyone

Blocklogy platform is designed in such a way that it can be accessed and used just by anyone, irrespective of their age and technical background, to learn blockchain programming through systematically designed courses, tutorials and tests. Blocklogy will be available in the app format for Android and iOS, which anyone can download and start learning.

(ii)Affordable Blockchain Education

One of the main objectives of Blocklogy is to deliver complete and affordable blockchain education to people of all ages and financial stature. This has been accomplished by keeping the blockchain courses cost-effective, which means students can enroll in courses, learn blockchain technology and get certified by paying a nominal fee, as follows:

Blockchain courses in the blocklogy app have been divided into 9 levels.

Level 1 – White Belt – Basic Level – Fee INR 70

Level 2 – Yellow Belt – Basic Level – Fee INR 140

Level 3 – Orange Belt  – Basic Level – Fee INR 210

Level 4 – Green Belt – Basic Level – Fee INR 280

Level 5 – Blue Belt – Basic Level – Fee INR 350

Note: By the time one finishes the 5th level they will be ready to start with intermediate and expert level in blockchain programming, which is covered in the next four levels.

Level 6 – Brown Belt – Intermediate Level – Fee INR 700

Level 7 – Red Belt – Expert Level – Fee INR 770

Level 8 – Black Belt – Expert Level – Fee INR 1050

Level 9 – Ninja – Expert Level – Fee INR 1050

As you can see, the blockchain course fee at Blocklogy is minimal as compared to the cost of other third-party blockchain learning courses and platforms. In addition, the focus has been kept on providing complete and career-oriented blockchain education to nurture efficient blockchain experts for the future.

Download blocklogy app now at –

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blockchain course

Even after being more than 10 years old, blockchain technology is still somewhat a mystery for common people who are not very much involved in the tech space. This article aims to educate people about the blockchain technology and some of its possible uses in the real world.

In this article, we try to understand the benefits of blockchain digital ledgers in four specific conditions that might provide a base for developing futuristic applications on this technology.

Let’s get started with the introduction part.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is distributed ledger technology, which was created as a network protocol for secure transfer of different kinds of digital assets. Blockchain transactions are peer-to-peer and do not involve any third-party intermediary.

Transactions in a blockchain are verified, processed and then recorded in an immutable database, where they remain public to be used for validation and other similar purposes.

Applications of Blockchain for Economic Benefits

Beyond bitcoin, the blockchain tech can be used in a wide range of industries, including digital identity verification, digital storing of data & assets, tokenization, smart contracts, cybersecurity, and more.

Here are some use – cases of blockchain:

Digital Asset Storage

Blockchain can potentially become the safest way to store and transmit digital assets of value, while ensuring that the transactions are completely transparent and assets cannot be accessed or tampered with during a transaction. This will further resolve the double-spending problem many digital transactions have been experiencing in the past.

The process of creating a digital asset is called tokenization, where the said asset is registered to a blockchain in order to be enabled for verifying and transmitting online. Some examples include digital recording of ownership of land, property, automobile, etc.

Digital Identity

Many countries have already implemented the digitization of their citizens’ identity records over a secure platform, however, the existing recording systems are not completely reliable and secure enough. Blockchain can provide a safer, transparent and decentralized way for people to store their digital identities over the internet and use them for verification purpose as and how required.

Peer-to-Peer Business Transactions

Blockchain, being a decentralized, middleman-free ledger, can provide an effective way for businesses to conduct truly peer-to-peer transactions which are not only secure but also credible and auditable. Moreover, such transactions are low-cost as there are no intermediaries involved.

Owing to the increasing popularity and use of blockchain technology worldwide, it is now becoming an obvious choice of companies looking to develop blockchain-based solutions. Employers are hiring blockchain developers, and the demand for blockchain experts is now higher than ever. Blocklogy is a complete blockchain education portal which is designed to teach career-focused blockchain courses in a user-friendly and adaptive manner to prepare expert blockchain developers for tomorrow. Enroll today to get started!

So start a career in blockchain, download blocklogy today from playstore –

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blockchain certification

Technology is evolving day by day, which tends for the creation of something new, improved, quick, efficient and safe. With the enhancement in technology, there are always new ways created which ensure success while achieving goals, and in less duration of time, without any explicit instructions. The global industry is witnessing disruption with the entrance of modern technologies like the blockchain, IOT, AI, data science, machine learning etc. which are being considered the future of technology-market. These are also the future career opportunities for the young minds.

Data Science

Data Science is considered as the most prolific job sectors of 21st Century and one of the best options available due to the impact of information technology in the coming future. In fact, Data Science is a multidisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract information from structured and unstructured data. Or it can be defined as the data mining, which utilizes powerful hardware, the most powerful programming systems as well as the most efficient algorithms in lieu of solving problems.

Machine Learning

The scientific study of algorithms and statistical models which is used to perform a specific task from computer systems without using explicit instructions, called Machine Learning. A subset of artificial intelligence, ML algorithms constructs a mathematical model of sample data, known as “training data”, used to make predictions or decisions without any explicit instructions. It is used in applications such as email filtering, and computer vision without creating any specific instructions to perform a task.


Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked to each other via cryptography. Each block holds the cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp. Once a record added it cannot be altered. It is a public, distributed ledger which records peer to peer transactions, which are validated and permanent. There is no centralized authority in the blockchain to control transactions, which enhances security and all the transactions are visible to all in the network which conveys transparency to the system.

Since blockchain is a newer technology, which is still in its development phase, there are not many reliable and complete resources available to learn the same from a career perspective. Blocklogy, which is an e-learning app for blockchain tech, provides an affordable and comprehensive platform for learning career-oriented blockchain development and programming. The app has been developed by KMPARDS with an aim to make the youth future-ready by teaching them the concepts and programming in advanced technologies like blockchain and IoT. The courses at blocklogy are divided into different modules to suit the knowledge and understanding level of different learners.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of things is a connectivity between all the internet based hardware and devices embedded with sensors to fetch data over the internet connection and respond in a similar manner also synchronizing with the overall procedure to replicate the desired command for the user.


Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence is referred to as the intelligence showcased by machines as against the intelligence of human being and other animals. In other words, these machines or devices are called intelligent agents which can act perceiving surrounding that enhances the possibilities of successfully achieving goals. These machines have the ability of learning and then problem-solving.

So, inorder to bridge the gap between students and industry, blocklogy has come up as an elearning platform where you can learn these upcoming frontline technologies at an affordable cost. 

Download blocklogy today from google playstore – to safeguard your future.


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blockchain education

Blockology is a mobile application-based e-learning platform aiming to educate millions of students across the globe about disruptive technologies like blockchain IoT, AI, ML and many more. The fundamental concepts of blockchain are taught and explain to students in the basic module of the mobile app to nurture the budding and talented students in blockchain programming. Keeping the students level of understanding in mind, the app has three different modules-basic, intermediate, and expert.

In the basic module, there are five different levels where each level has four different assessments along with practical sessions, quizzes, and final test. Passing the final test at each level with expected minimum marks will allow the students to receive a certification of completion of that level related to the blockchain.

Here is a detailed list of five different levels available within the basic module of blocklogy mobile app:-

First Level- White Belt

In the first level, the students will be provided knowledge about cryptography networks, centralized and decentralized systems, and history of the blockchain. Adding to this, this level will also familiarize students with types of the blockchain, blockchain working, blockchain ecosystem, consensus building in the blockchain, blockchain database and other databases.  In short, this level will allow the students to deep dive into the blockchain world by getting familiar with preliminary concepts.

Second Level- Yellow Belt

At this particular level, the concepts will be further elaborated which are discussed in Level 1. Similarly, the students will also acquire knowledge related to cryptocurrency & different types of it, crypto economics, Bitcoin system working and a popular public blockchain called Ethereum. The concepts like the trading system, standard transactions, mining and miners, mining pools, mining algorithm, and Merkle tree will also be enlightening in this level.

Third Level- Orange Belt

At level 3, the students will also get details about blockchain-based wallets, wallet derivations, wallet types, security exchange wallets, and Ethereum wallet. In this level, the DLT based platforms like Corda, Ripple, Metamask, Byzantine fault tolerance, hyperledger, and Ethereum mining will also be explained to students. At the end of this level, students will also be introduced to a core part of this module-blockchain programming.

Level Four- Green Belt

This level will require umph efforts and high dedication level from students to pass it with distinction marks. The programming languages like Solidity and its basics, smart contracts, running and debugging smart contracts in the remix, deploying and debugging smart contracts, and gas prices will be exampled at this level. Adding to this, the use of smart contracts in the real world and testing tools will also be explained both practically and theoretically in the easiest manner to students at this level.

Level Five- Blue Belt

This is the final level of basic module and will require the students to put the best foot forward to receive top grades. Students will be provided knowledge about tokens, the difference between crypto coins and Token, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), ERC standards, developing an ERC20 token, ICO smart contracts, and Ethereum platform. Apart from these, building and deploying ERC-721 Token to test a network, crowdfunding smart contracts, and how to raise funds via an ICO project will also be taught to students.

So, what are you waiting for. Enroll now for blocklogy. Download blocklogy from google playstore and subscribe now, Click –

Visit – to know more about course content. 

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Blocklogy is an online learning platform designed by KMPARDS with the aim to provide career-oriented, high-quality and affordable blockchain education to everyone who wants to learn the blockchain technology (programming & development) and build a reputed career in this field. The Blocklogy platform is available in the form of a mobile application for Android and iOS.

Blocklogy offers customized blockchain courses designed specifically to suit the understanding-level and needs of different kinds of learners. Keeping in mind the learners of all age groups and backgrounds, the courses here have been divided into three basic modules:




Each module contains courses designed with a specific purpose and to be used at a particular knowledge level. For instance, the Basic module of Blocklogy app is designed for the beginners, who have little to no idea about the blockchain technology.

In this blog, we will talk about the intermediate module, which is the second module in Blocklogy.

Blocklogy Intermediate Module – Who can join?

The intermediate module in Blocklogy is designed for those who have a good knowledge of the basic concepts of the blockchain, including network & its types, cryptocurrency & types of it, digital wallet & types, solidity programming language, blockchain smart contracts, tokens, etc. All these topics have already been covered in the basic module of the Blocklogy app.

Those who have already completed the Basic module with certification can join the Intermediate module for next level education. In order to move to intermediate level, you have to finish basic module with certification.

What does the Blocklogy Intermediate Module (Brown Belt)  Level 6 Consist of?

The Intermediate module of Blocklogy will give students a hands-on (practical) experience in IoT-based blockchain. It teaches the practical implementation of the blockchain technology with experiments in Raspberry Pi kit, programming, using GETH, setting up node in testnet, etc.

The Intermediate Module of Blocklogy Covers the Following Topics in detail:

Forking in blockchain

Bitcoin Installation And Node Setup

Setting Up Source Code And Bitcoin.Conf

Setting Up Node In Testnet

Bitcoin Programming And Bitcoin Cli


Improvement Protocols

son Rpc Api From Command Line

Hyperledger Fabric

IoT Blockchain Experiment

As you may already know, Forking refers to experimenting with a project by making changes and coding it your way, without affecting the actual project. This is exactly what we do in this particular module of Blocklogy. Here, you will learn the practical implementation of the blockchain technology through existing platforms such as Bitcoin, Hyperledger and IoT blockchain.

Each course in the Blocklogy app has four elementary landmarks – quiz, test, practical sessions and final test. It is mandatory to pass the Final Test in order to move into the next level course. Students will receive a blockchain created certification of completion after every final test in each course.

So, Join blocklogy today. Subscribe for blocklogy by downloading it from play store through following link –

For course details visit –

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blockchain platform

Blockchain technology is something which can empower a wide range of processes in a variety of industries.

Blockchain technology virtually has applications in every sector which has anything to do with information & data sharing, which loosely defined almost every industry. Thankfully, business owners and investors have started understanding the power of this futuristic technology and are now actively investing in the development and use of blockchain-powered solutions. This is why the demand for blockchain is increasing.

Academic institutions, colleges and schools are the foundation of the young minds and this is why they are the best places to impart comprehensive and career-focused blockchain education.

Let’s now try to understand the significance of the blockchain tech in our lives and for the betterment of the world.

Blockchain is in High Demand

If you’re looking for a career change or simply want to add a new skill to your resume to improve its value, blockchain should be the first choice in line. Here are the reasons :-

From startups to established corporations, everyone is hiring blockchain experts.

Job prospects in the blockchain industry are higher than any other sector.

The supply of blockchain experts is much lower than the demand. For each blockchain expert, there are 4 jobs on average.

You can choose from a number of options – blockchain developer, analyst, consultant, engineer, solution architect, research analyst, etc.

Why is Blockchain in High Demand?

Being a cutting-edge technology, which literally promises to solve the lingering issues of many industries, blockchain is slowly and steadily rising in popularity. Blockchain is decentralized, distributed, immutable, public, secure, and fast. Here’s why the demand for blockchain is increasing rapidly.

More transparency in transactions ensures accuracy and consistency in data.

Blockchain is highly secure as the transactions are verified and encrypted before they’re recorded.

A public record of transactions makes it easy to trace and validate these transactions.

Blockchain transactions are faster and more efficient since there are no middlemen.

The lack of middleman also reduces the transaction cost for the involved parties.

And this is exactly why academic institutions should seriously consider including blockchain training and certification courses in their campus learning.

How can academic institutions include Blockchain in campus learning?

It is the right time for schools & colleges around the world to start teaching blockchain in order to prepare their students for the future. Blocklogy provides an easy to use mobile app based e-learning platform for career-oriented blockchain education. The app is designed with courses focused on delivering complete blockchain training, along with certifications, including blockchain concepts, programming and application development.

One of the best benefits of learning blockchain with blocklogy is that the courses are designed in a very easy and interactive way to ensure that even the non-techies can easily absorb the concepts & practical implementations of the blockchain technology.

So, get associated with blockchain today by learning it from blocklogy e learning platform –


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learn blockchain technology online

Blocklogy is a global online education platform that teaches advanced technologies like blockchain to students all across the world. It is inevitable that the demand for modern technologies like blockchain will rise in the coming future and so will the job prospects in this field. Blocklogy aims to prepare a future-ready workforce by providing efficient and comprehensive blockchain education to everyone.

Here are some top reasons to learn Blockchain Tech with Blocklogy App.

Dedicated Mobile App

Considering the fact that everyone today has access to smartphone devices, the blocklogy platform has been launched in the form of a mobile app, enabling millions of people worldwide to simply install the app and start learning. Anytime, anywhere.

Industry Standard Blockchain Education

Unlike other third-party blockchain courses which are either incomplete or irrelevant to the user, the blockchain course at blocklogy is designed to provide Industry standard education from blockchain concepts to high-level programming, enabling students to learn everything by joining a single course.

Career-focused Learning

Rather than adding a lot of irrelevant and unnecessary content such as blockchain research papers, blogs, etc., the course has been designed to include relevant and career-oriented learning material with a special focus on practical learning with the aim to make students future-ready.

Blockchain Education for All

One of the unique and most crucial aspects of blocklogy app is that it is suitable for everyone, of any age and technical background, who wants to learn blockchain technology and has a real passion to make a career in this industry. The app has courses divided into different modules for users of different understanding (knowledge) level.

User-friendly Platform

The Blocklogy mobile app is designed with an interactive user-interface. It also features audio-visual learning materials to make it easier for students to learn blockchain technology for a better understanding of the subject matter.

Self-paced Learning

Keeping in mind the busy schedule of today’s generation, the blockchain app comes with self-paced learning feature which enables users to read and learn at their own pace. The mobile app makes it easy to access the courses at any time and from anywhere.

Assessment & Certifications

Each module in the blocklogy course is accompanied by carefully crafted assessments, tests and quizzes to analyze the knowledge of a student. Based on the test results, students are given certificates on an immutable public blockchain.

Chat & Discussion Forms

There is an inbuilt chat option in blocklogy to enable students to chat with each other. There is also a discussion board where students can talk about relevant topics and learn more.

Live Sessions with Industry Experts

In addition to interactive classes and learning material, blocklogy will also conduct regular live sessions with blockchain industry experts and teachers from around the world to give students a better exposure to the latest technology trends. Teachers will be rewarded for their contribution.

Affiliation with Schools/Colleges

Last but not least, blocklogy will map the users based on their schools & colleges, enabling students from the same institutions to connect with each other. The platform will also tie up with schools/colleges around the globe for better delivery of curriculum-ready blockchain courses.

So, what are you waiting for. If you want to learn this amazing next gen technology blockchain, download blocklogy today from playstore – Learn blockchain today for a rewarding career tomorrow.


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basics of blockchain

Blocklogy is a mobile app based e-learning platform designed by KMPARDS  that aims to educate everyone about blockchain skills and programming right from school, regardless of their age, financial and technical background.

Why is it important to learn about blockchain? Why is it the best time?

Blockchain is at infant age right now, but embodies a giant in itself for the future. It is inevitable for the coming future. Blockchain experts and programmers are already in high demand by the techno colossal and very soon blockchain skills will supersede the Java and PHP proficiency. Blockchain is the ongoing and upcoming technology, which can yield a first rate and high-paying job for you. Be future ready with blockchain!

How to get in-depth professional knowledge about blockchain

Blockchain, at its infant stage, is still a new term for many of us who generally do not deal with the latest technologies, so there is an unavailability of particular tutorials and books with adequate and updated knowledge on the subject matter.

For theoretical knowledge about blockchain and its practical application, we need an extensive and career-oriented blockchain learning solution. Blocklogy is exactly the solution we are talking about.

Blocklogy – An All-Inclusive and Exclusive way to learn Blockchain Technology

Blocklogy is a tutorial mobile application developed by KMPARDS to impart the blockchain education to the students of all age groups. The app will offer vast and regularly updated knowledge about diverse topics related to Blockchains while boosting the students to think extraordinarily.

The application is available on google play store and soon on istore Anyone who foresees his/her career in the blockchain industry and wants to grasp blockchain skills/programming can download the app and join the learning course on Blocklogy app. After the successful completion of different quizzes/examination conducted at various levels, a certificate will be issued to the participants.

Blocklogy Features and Benefits

A user-convenient education platform with interactive UI (user interface) & audio-visual training material.

Self-paced training, allowing students to learn at their own pace, capability and time.

Self-scheduling, of course, accompanied with reminder notifications

A convenient and user-friendly system tailored considering all age groups.

Committed chat & discussion forum where students can confer topics and raise questions

Meticulously crafted assessments, tests & quizzes to keep checking students’ performance Issuance of Professional Blockchain Certificate to students after successful completion of each course and exam

Rewards in the form of “Blocks on Academics” to students & teachers for their performance, accomplishments and contribution

Live interactive sessions with industry experts and teachers procured from around the globe

Blockchain-based games, practicals, etc. for entertaining sessions.

A huge interconnected network of schools/colleges through Blocklogy

An Inbuilt wallet for utility and storing reward.

Rating & Review structure to keep the platform precise, transparent and efficient.

See how it works

Over this blocklogy app, one can access 9 blockchain courses classified in 9 different level based modules for beginners, intermediate and experts. These modules have been formed considering the level of learners. Like the Basic module has been designed for beginners who do not have much knowledge about blockchain technology and its applications.

Different Blocklog modules and courses are as follows:

Module 1: Basic consist of White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Green Belt and the Blue Belt.

Module 2: Intermediate consist of Brown Belt

Module 3: Expert encompasses Red Belt (Expert Concepts (Part-1), Black Belt (Expert Developments (Part-2 A)) and Ninja (Expert Developments (Part-2 B)).

Students can enroll themselves on the blocklogy app by downloading the same on any smartphone dedicated e-learning tablet, called Blocklogy Tab, has been launched by the Blockology. This tab will be pre-loaded with Blocklogy e-learning app and study materials.

So, lets live deep in the world of technologyand start learning it today. Download blocklogy app today for a rewarding career tomorrow.

Download blocklogy from playstore –


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blockchain education

Blockchain is rapidly changing the way various regular activities such as money transfer, health checkup, doctor search, id verification, record storing and management, business contracts, business hiring and many more are performed.

The blockchain technology is influencing everyone, even the common man, irrespective of whether he is an active technology user or not. Here are some ways blockchain is changing the life of common man.

Ease of Banking

In recent years, technology has vastly changed the way banking transactions were performed. With all banking systems now connected and online, it has become easier than ever to send/receive money and perform other monetary transactions from anywhere. However, issues like security, centralization and time taking procedure still dominate this industry.

Most of banking systems are integrating blockchain, which is a decentralized way of doing things, is effectively improving the traditional bank transactions by making them automated, transparent and immutable. In a few years from now, you will be able to perform money transactions without hassle, thanks to blockchain tech.

Better Access to Quality Healthcare

Another ground-level innovation by blockchain technology can be seen in the healthcare industry where multiple projects are working towards making healthcare info and services decentralized such that these can be accessed by anyone in need, irrespective of their location, status or pocket size.

A Blockchain-based healthcare platform can make medical records and service delivery fair by implementing transparency in the system.

Secure and Transparent Voting

We are all aware that there are chances of frauds in elections. Even if there is no tampering, people are always afraid that there might be. Blockchain can solve this issue by introducing transparency in voting systems.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger which has been enabled for transactions. Blockchain smart contracts are designed such that they can be shared by multiple people across different locations through digital voting/signature. The same concept can be used for decentralizing the voting system and making it transparent such that the voters (common man) are assured that no fraud is being committed and their votes are going to the right candidate.

Similarly, blockchain has several other potential applications in a wide range of industries, which in one way or another affects the common man.

This is why it is now becoming irreplaceable as technology for common people, especially students, to get acquainted with the blockchain technology. Companies are demanding for blockchain experts and developers in order to build hi-tech blockchain solutions for the future. Learn blockchain technology and become an expert blockchain programmer with Blocklogy.

Blocklogy is an online education portal available in a mobile app format which offers career-oriented and affordable blockchain courses for everyone.

Today to learn blockchain and get empowered. Download blocklogy from playstore –


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