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Certidapp - Why issue certificate on bLockchain

Blocklogy is an e-learning platform developed to empower students towards futuristic technologies since last 2-years Blocklogy has been initiating various projects and concepts for the betterment of society using technology such as web 3.0, blockchain, artificial intelligence, internet of things and more. Blocklogy`s most recent initiation is CertiDApp – it is an open-source platform where organizations/institutions can issue customizable digital certificates to their credentials in bulk for free. There are only a few flexible fees the receiver has to pay to claim the certificates.

With this open-source platform, Blocklogy`s vision is to offer a more modern, authentic and secure way of issuing certificates. Followings are the reasons that why Institutes/ Organizations/ Vendors/ Service
Providers/ etc., should issue Digital Certificates on Blockchain using CertiDApp:

Built for Sharing:

Your official records are now yours forever, once you receive your certificates on CertiDApp, you own it and you can share and verify in any point of your life. You can share it on social media and other professional networking platforms such as; LinkedIn and just like that your certificates are turned into a source of referral and act as a marketing tool for your certification program.

Smart & Dynamic

With CertiDApp, your organization can issue certificates in a smart and dynamic way. Since, features like Automatic name change handling, Automatic expiration of renewals and retroactive editing make management and issuing certificates easy as it seems.

Authentic & Secured

Instill trust in your digital certificates with the one-click verification, and make your credentials secured with banking-level encryptions and Blockchain logging on CertiDApp.

Effective & Responsive

Storing certificates on Blockchain makes it effective since once you claim your certificate, it will be yours and stored safely on a Blockchain network. Also, using CertiDApp youll be able to set issuing certificates to Automatic Expiration or Setup a certification renewal and Automate name change and Typo correction which is useful for bulk issuing, hence now youll never have to worry about small mistakes costing you time
and money.

Professional & Branded Certificates

Input necessary data according to your purpose and requirements with putting your brand above your signatures, along with the feature of adding multiple signatures on a single certificate, means issue certificates digitally and professionally without any hesitation.

All the benefits of Paper Certificates A concerned person/receiver can print high-quality versions of their digital certificates from anywhere. CertiDApp becomes more hassle-free with additional features such as; detailed analytics, multi-language support, and automatic screen sizing.

These were the top reasons, that organization, academic institutes should start issuing certificates securely and efficiently on blockchainn using CertiDApp.


To check out the sample certificates click on the below link and copy mentioned hash on the web page in hash box, and click on Verify Certificates

Check this video out to know more about CertiDApp, and step by step guidance for issuing certificates

Digital certificate

CertiDApp is an open-source platform developed by Blocklogy Edutech to impart institutions, colleges, organizations with a platfor where they can issue durable digital certificates powered on blockchain to the concerned ones, reliably & securely.

CertiDApp utilizes Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Ethereum Blockchain`s Immutability and IPFS Decentralized file storage to feature transparent verification of certificates. Users can issue certificates once
issuers account termed to be KYC approved along with their documents accessible through CertiDApp Portal so that anyone can verify the validity of certificates and certificate issuer.

Top Benefits of Issuing Digital Certificates on CertiÐApp

Fraud Prevention & Security

Blocklogy has implemented the Elliptical Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) Security, in this open-source certificate issuing platform; CertiDApp. Hence, no one can fake a blockchain certificate or badge. Even in the case, that certificates are in the printed form, it will always be available to confirm it using ECDSA.

Durable & Reliable

With the decentralized nature of Blockchain, Blocklogy has achieved a Durable & Reliable Source to get things done, since there is no central point of failure because of blockchains design, which means users certificates are always protected and better able to withstand any malicious attack.

Cost & Implementation

CertiDApp is an open-source decentralized platform for users to issue certificates, and there is no certificate issuing cost charged to Authorities/ Certificate Issuers, receivers can submit on the blockchain with a custom gas fee, to claim those certificates. Means, simply by clicking on a few buttons you have all credentials secured on

Signature Verification

Before the final submission of the certificates on Blockchain, the Smart Contract verifies the signatures by a KYC approved certifier using ECDSA prior to the final submission. Also, an issuer can add multiple signatures on a single certificate before and even after issuing by a feature of Editing and adding multiple signatures on the certificates.

Blockchain Credentials

Experience credentials powered on blockchain that, Increases Security, Prevent Frauds, Build Trust and ensures your reliability through Transparent, Secured & Efficient way of issuing certificates.

Robust Leading Security

It is near to impossible to modify and manipulate records on CertiDApp, because of the decentralized nature and design of Blockchain that has been implemented on CertiDApp. This means, with the implementation of Blockchain technology it is resistant to modification of Data.


With the medium of our open-source certificate issuer; CertiDApp, you demonstrate a commitment of being Transparent, to your students/consumers/ or any concerned person you are issuing the certificate to.
CertiDApp will represent your Institution/ Organization with your credentials whilst maintaining privacy at the same time be transparent.

Own & Share your Achievements

Once claimed by the receiver, the official records of the receivers are stored with them forever. With the digital certificates issued on Blockchain using CertiDAap is received, receivers own it and can Verify and Share their achievement with anyone or any other social platform at any point in their life.

These were few benefits listed of Blocklogy`s open-source platform for Institutions; CertiDApp. CertiDApp is the right and the modern way of issuing certificates to the beneficiary. CertiDApp lets you issue the customizable certificate, which means various kinds of certificates can be issued simply in few clicks on CertiDApp, for e.g. Scholarship Certificates, Participation Certificates, Internship Certificates, Course Completion Certificates, and Rating or Benchmark Certificates.

So what exactly are you waiting for? Issue your institution`s certificates in the most powerful, secured and modern way of forming Digital Certificates for credentials.

To start issuing certificates right away, check below link

To know more about CertiDApp, check our YouTube Video:

CertiDapp | store & Issue Digital Certificate