The potential of Blockchain technology to disrupt nearly every industry and solve its current flaws cannot be dismissed even though there are still several obstacles to overcome we see its full transformation and right implementation with authorization. Despite this rapid growth, many experts believe that it is blockchain – the secure, decentralized, distributed digital public that can solve the problems of traditional platforms and make traditional ways of doing this more advanced and better.

Since traditional p2p platforms aren’t cost-effective and existing blockchain platforms have their limitations, KMPARDS sees this as an opportunity to build an ecosystem that solves these problems. KMPARDS is a Parent Company consist of two various projects under it, both are the initiative for the betterment of society in different ways. Those two projects are called Era Swap Life Ecosystem & Blocklogy. 


Let’s begin with Era Swap Life – Era Swap Life Ecosystem is a self-sustainable e-marketplace created to appreciate the value you deliver. Era Swap Life Ecosystem is a vast project that holds multiple different platforms such as; Decentralized Freelance, Decentralized Prediction, Social Community, Affiliate Program, Decentralized Token Vesting, Decentralized & Secured Wallet, E-mart for SME.

Also, there are more upcoming platforms that will be soon part of this ecosystem, that are P2P lend and borrow, Multi Exchange Solutions, Marketplace for farmers, and Next-gen Dating App. To know in-depth about Individual Platforms check this blog out


Blocklogy is an e-learning platform it is an initiative of Team KMPARDS to empower students towards emerging technologies like Blockchain & AI.

Blocklogy Programs

Blocklogy is associated with multiple reputed universities from different states to make students future-ready with the help of various Collaborative Tech-events, Workshops, Scholarship Programs, Industrial Visits, Internship Programs, FDPs, STTPs, and multiple seminars on emerging technologies with its applications & live projects. If you want Blocklogy to conduct events on your campus/ premises, you can contact us on

Blocklogy e-Learning App & Platform

Blocklogy e-Learning App is developed to educate students of all age groups across the globe on the subject of Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, Intelligent IoT & IoT, and more. This application follows Learning Layer Approach from Beginner to Expert Level and is designed in such an interactive manner that any student can think about the implementation of what is learned.

The Blocklogy e-Learning Platform offers numerous things to initiate students towards future-technology. It offers e-Learning App, Live Sessions by industry experts, FDPs, Live projects to give exposure to real-time use cases in testnet scenario, Research & Development, Interaction with Industry Experts through On-site visit and any dynamism Blocklogy can contribute.

KMPARDS aims to spread awareness about next-gen technologies across the globe through an e-Learning platform and build a self-sustainable marketplace for the betterment of mankind


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