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Today, there are very few students and professionals who have not heard about the blockchain technology. You, me, investors, readers, writers, we are all parts of this blockchain evolution, whether we know it or not. While the blockchain is being rapidly adopted by industries and corporations all over the world, our education system still lags behind when it comes to adopting new technologies in the curriculum.

Blockchain in Education

It is a matter of deep concern that futuristic technologies such as blockchain are still not being recognized and welcomed by our modern education system. There are some colleges and schools which have stepped up by adding blockchain technology as a part of their study curriculum, they are very limited in number and not in every student’s reach.

Even after over 10 years of the creation of blockchain technology, there is a serious lack of comprehensive and career-oriented blockchain tutorials for anyone who wants to learn blockchain development in order to make a career in this field.

Blockchain for College Students

Wondering why college students need to learn blockchain technology? Here’s your answer.

For one, college is the foundation level for building a career, as students get sufficient time to grasp the concepts of blockchain as well as learn the practical applications in order to build the foundation for a great future in this industry.

Second, blockchain is the most cutting-edge technology of our time. It provides a secure and transparent way for performing global transactions involving money or any other digital assets. This is revolutionizing a wide variety of businesses in many industries.

Another big reason to learn blockchain is the high demand. As more and more companies experiment with the blockchain technology for improving their business productivity and efficiency, the demand for expert blockchain developers, analysts and programmers is rising day by day.

Fourth: High Pay and better job prospects. According to data revealed by leading job sites, the average salary of a blockchain developer is nearly two times the salary of a regular software developer. Moreover, the demand is so high that each blockchain developer presently has approx 4 job prospects on average.

To sum up, blockchain education will prepare you for the market and get you a high paying job as soon as you leave college. Need more reasons? Search Google to see why everyone seems to be trying to learn blockchain tech.

Blocklogy for Blockchain Education to College Students

Thankfully, some colleges and universities have started realizing the importance of blockchain technology from the future perspective and are now adding blockchain courses into their curriculum. There are a few platforms and applications where students can learn career-ready blockchain courses at the college level. Blocklogy is one such app.

Blocklogy is a mobile app based e-learning platform designed for imparting blockchain education to students at all levels, including schools and colleges. In fact, the app has pre-designed, systematic blockchain courses which can be directly incorporated into the professional curriculum of colleges & schools. With the aim to expand convenient and affordable blockchain education to more students worldwide, blocklogy is forming partnerships with colleges for integrating blockchain into their curriculum.

Looking to integrate blockchain education to your college/school curriculum? Contact the Blocklogy team ( to get started.

So, download blocklogy today from google play store and start learning blockchain for a rewarding career tomorrow –

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