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Blocklogy is an online learning initiative by KMPARDS. It is a mobile app which provides comprehensive and career-focused blockchain education to people of all ages. The blocklogy courses are divided such that students of different ages and with different knowledge level can join specific courses.

Blocklogy is not the only e-learning tool for blockchain education, then why should someone use it rather than any other online/offline learning platform for learning blockchain technology?

Here’s how Blocklogy is different (and better) from other existing blockchain learning tools.

Learn Across Different Devices

Blocklogy is a digital learning platform which can be accessed via a number of devices, including the Mobile App, Rasberry Pi, and Blocklogy Tab. The Blocklogy mobile app for Android is already live, while the iOS mobile app and tablet application are under development.

Complete Blockchain Education

Unlike other blockchain learning tools out there, Blocklogy focuses on providing complete and career-oriented blockchain education to everyone. The Blocklogy team understands the importance and demand of blockchain tech in the job sector and has, therefore, designed blockchain courses which cover every aspect of blockchain learning, from theoretical concepts to practical implementation and coding. So, you can be assured of becoming a blockchain expert after completing this blockchain course.

Curriculum-ready Courses

Blockchain education at Blocklogy is ready to be integrated into the professional curriculum. In fact, the team has partnered with a number of schools/colleges around the globe for adding Blocklogy courses to their study curriculum in order to benefit students at the right age.

For All Age Groups

Blockchain education at Blocklogy has been divided into three modules consisting of multiple courses. Each module is designed for a specific age group. For instance, the Basic module in Blocklogy is suitable for blockchain beginners and school students, who do not already know a lot about blockchain technology. The module consists of courses on blockchain introduction, types, tokens, how they work, etc., aimed at building a strong foundation for advanced blockchain education.

Similarly, the Intermediate module of Blocklogy is for higher level learners who already have a pretty good understanding of the blockchain and are looking to learn its practical aspects and applications. Then, there is the Advanced module which focuses on the programming part. So, choose and join the right module for you.

Interactive & Self-paced Learning

The Blocklogy app is designed to be super interactive and easy to use such that students of all types can use it easily for learning high-level blockchain education. Moreover, the app focuses on self-paced online learning, where students can learn at any time and at their own pace.

Exams & Blockchain Certification

Blocklogy conducts tests and quizzes after each module and offers industry-recognized certificates to passing students. These certificates can be showcased in your portfolio or resume.

Transparent Education

One of the distinct advantages of the Blocklogy education app is a completely fair learning system which is managed through transparent reviews and ratings of teachers who contribute to making the platform better by helping students through live sessions and by providing answers to students’ questions.

So, download blocklogy today from google play store and start learning blockchain for a rewarding career tomorrow –

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