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The COVID-19 epidemic has been extremely challenging for almost every business, and it seems the situation is not likely to change for some weeks or months. And, the education system is the last thing that will be allowed to re-open for students, for their safety. Training is traditionally carried out in classrooms, either at your place or a dedicated training center. While this confers many advantages – like being able to ask questions, and learn in a fun engaging environment with your peers – and also it has disadvantages. Training Centre’s isn’t flexible, with the hours and accessibility issues that can be proved difficult for some people. But, anyway based on the current scenario world is in, these training centers aren’t beneficial for anyone.

What the students truly need now is an e-learning platform, that offers efficiency, affordability, and emerging non-outdated topics, which help them grow and be one step ahead. Blocklogy E-learning by contrast is an entirely online form of training. Blocklogy E-learning offers, multimedia contents to its students i.e. texts, audio, and video, for a better understanding and the engagement of students with the course they have subscribed for.

You may have been facing with the number of scenarios; you would never think would come, due to COVID-19 lockdown. By using Blocklogy E-Learning during COVID-19 isolation, you can occupy your vacant time by learning new skills and technologies or brushing up the old ones.

Blocklogy is known for its e-Learning app, that offers online learning with Courses on Frontline Techs & The sessions, workshops, training programs,  FDPs, STTPs, Blocklogy has been conducting for years in well-reputed universities and colleges around the nation. Blocklogy with its online learning platform offers various certification courses on future-techs. Blocklogy E-learning offers Blockchain Authentified Certificate after the completion of the courses, powered by CertiDapp In-house tie-up for issuing individuals credentials with much more security and reliability. 

Followings are the available courses on Blocklogy E-Learning:

Blockchain: Blockchain is a growing tech, because of its nature of improving the efficiency and transparency to any sector it gets implemented on. Blockchain improves the transparency and fidelity between the operating parties; it lessens down the value chain and breaks down the workflow, hence, paces up the inter-party processes. Becoming a certified blockchain expert, will not only opens-up various job opportunities for you but also, makes you future-ready.

Ethical Hacking: The general purpose of Ethical Hacking is to prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. By becoming a certified ethical hacker, opens up high-paying jobs for you, jobs where you`ll be enhancing the digital network security and prevent security breaches, for big brands and organizations.

Intelligent IoT: IoT has the capability of becoming the future of our cities, can tap knowledge from these data streams faster than the traditional analysis.  Intelligent IoT is Artificial Intelligence + IoT, a futuristic certification course to make you future ready professionals. Intelligent IoT can tap knowledge from these data streams faster than the traditional analysis.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: AI & ML are the two very hot buzzwords right now in the market. Machine learning is a current application of Artificial Intelligence-based around the concept that we can really be able to give machines access to data and let them self-learn and improve, as you see in sci-fi movies.

TechnoIngress: You might think what is TechnoIngress? Well, technoingress is the most unique and known course of Blocklogy E-Learning, it is basically a  platter course – a bundle of all the above mentioned glorifying subjects, in a single course – TechnoIngress.

All the above-mentioned courses are available at a very affordable price, compared to other similar online courses, and are designed and outlaid in such form and simplicity that a person from any different field, with no technical knowledge can learn and grow.

Download Blocklogy E-Learning App & Get Future Ready


To know more, check out our YouTube Channelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuuEZeumDMlhFHT866Z-8Cg

The Paper & Traditional Digital Certificates, your organization issue might face the problems related to its authenticity. And, not only it affects its authenticity but also, limits your empowered organization, to be flexible and innovative, because of the lack of customization and features of a traditional way of issuing certificates. To overcome the problems such as – lack of customization, risk of fraudulent and heavy charges you pay on each certificate, Blocklogy has partnered with Era Swap and has come up with a Blockchain-powered Digital Certificate Issuer. Means, in a few clicks Your Organization can issue certificates in bulks for free.

Yes, You`ve heard it right – For Free as of now, before the next version comes in! Using CertiDapp you can easily issue various kinds of customized Digital Certificates such as – Participation Certificates Scholarship Certificates, Course Completion Certificates, Internship Certificates, Delivery Certificates, Agreement Certificates, Rating – Benchmark Certificates, etc. Technically, anything based on your requirements, with a unique touch of Blockchain`s trust and security.

Using CertiDapp, Blocklogy Edutech has issued Certificates of Participation/ Scholarship/ Workshop/ Course Completion, etc. to encourage students for their achievements on the secured blockchain network. Since Blocklogy`s goal has always been to identify skillful students and offer them the opportunity to learn and rise through multiple programs, Blockchain-powered certificates just seemed right to ensure that these bright students have authentic and genuine credentials stored on a public blockchain, for their efforts and achievements. And, with Era Swap implementation of ECDSA security, no one can fake a blockchain certificate, and with the decentralized nature of blockchain, CertiDapp becomes a durable, reliable, and secured way of issuing certificates.


Cost Implementation: Issuing Certificates have never been this easy, in just a few clicks your organization can issue credentials in bulk with no cost at all, only the receivers will have to pay a custom gas fee based on their urgency on the blockchain network for claiming certificate successfully.

Blockchain Credentials: Blocklogy advice to that organizations and institutions should adopt these modern ways of issuing certificates, because not only it increases security but prevent fraud, and help our organization build trust among people and make your institution known for its innovation, transparency, and efficiency.

Transparency: Issuing Credentials to your Students/ Employees/ Customers, offers transparency but at the same time – it identifies your organization as a modern, secured, and transparent – since, all your credentials will be maintaining privacy and efficiency.

Fraud Prevention & Security: With the help of the Elliptical Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA), no one can fake a certificate. CertiDapp Certificates will always available to confirm, using ECDSA, even if the certificates are printed.

Signature Verification: Prior to the final submission of your certificates on the blockchain, CertiDapp`s Smart Contract ensures that signature on certificates is by a KYC Approved certifier using ESDSA.

Durable & Reliable: Credentials of Blocklogy Edutech are protected and better able to withstand malicious attacks, with the help of Era Swap powered CertiDapp. Since, there is no central point of failure, because of the decentralized nature of Blockchain, your organization too can try this open-source certificate issuer, to issue certificates.

Own & Share Your Achievements: Once you receive certificates on the blockchain, you own it and you can share and verify at any point in your life. Your Official records are now yours forever and are safe on a blockchain network, of CertiDapp





Blocklogy web:

The Spread of coronavirus disease known as COVID-19 is a public health emergency along with economic and social consequences in India and across the world. As businesses are impacted, education is also facing huge disruption. But, should that stop you from staying behind? Can it stop you? To provide the necessary to the students – Blocklogy is providing online courses on frontline techs at very affordable costs, along with webinars with experts for the Diploma course.

You can download Blocklogy E-Learning App from Play Store, there are multiple technologies covered from basic to advanced level so that beginners as well can get the most out of it. There are courses available on subject such as – Blockchain, Web 3.0, Data Analytics, Ethical Hacking, Intelligent IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning and more. With the subscription of these courses not you only become a Certified Expert, but get to spend your time productively and learn & grow, to become future-ready, so you can start your tech career right after current circumstances gets in control.  

By becoming a tech expert, especially on high demand subjects like Blockchain, you get one step ahead by increasing your value in the market – by gathering such techy skills, so it helps you to grow exponentially, just by getting certified by Blocklogy Online Course. Not only as in career, one can choose to build their own dApps (Decentralized Applications) to help the world reach its inflection point, by implementing blockchain in different business sectors, with your blockchain skills, to change the way current sectors work, and bring more output, more profit, more efficiency to the table.

There are more than enough reasons to learn frontline and futuristic techs like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Demand of Blockchain technology is growing rapidly, according to the census, it is found that 0.5% of the world`s population are using blockchain today, and 50% people use the internet, so this is an opportunity for new learners to walk ahead of the world and learn Blockchain like tech.

All you have to do is:

  1. Download Blocklogy E-Learning App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blocklogy.blocklogyapp&hl=en
  2. Subscribe for you tech-course that interests you – If you are a beginner who is seeking for a platter course, where you can learn multiple techs from basics in a single course – we have exactly what you want – TechnoIngress, the right platter course to learn multiple techs at a single place in a very affordable price.
  3. Complete Your Subscribed Course – With rich multimedia content and quizzes
  4. Once your course is completed, get your Course Completion certificate, powered on the blockchain. Yes you heard it right, you will get a digital certificate that too powered on Blockchain Technology using an open-source application of Blocklogy – CertiDApp
  5. NOW? You have already taken the first step by becoming a Certified expert form Blocklogy Online Course, now you can take a second step and start your thriving IT/ Programming Career.

To know more about Blocklogy E-Learning and Our other initiatives to empower students towards next-gen techs, visit https://blocklogy.org/

Download Blocklogy E-Learning App From Play Store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blocklogy.blocklogyapp&hl=en

To know about the existing course of Blocklogy E-Learning App – Check Below Article – https://www.blocklogy.org/blog/available-courses-on-blocklogy-e-learning-app/

As people around the world have been ushered indoors in order to help prevent further spread of coronavirus, online learning happens to be only limelight for students who still seek to learn and consider this vacant time as an opportunity to grow.

Are you in quarantine and wishing you could use the time productively? Here, is an Interactive E-learning App for Fun-learning. With Blocklogy E-Learning App, Blocklogy offers basic to advance level courses on growing and high stream technologies such as – Blockchain, Networking, Ethical Hacking, Intelligent IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, at an affordable price.  

Even if you want to get back to your colleges and carry on with normal activities, it seems that many of us will be stuck at home for some downtime. Nevertheless, this isn`t a reason to give up on your education or your dreams, take this opportunity to learn new emerging techs and become future-ready. Followings are the top reasons to subscribe and learn from Blocklogy online courses right away:

  • User-Friendly

Blocklogy E-Learning Application is built by taking into account the design principles, planning sessions, and collaboration between the developments of the technical as well as the creative side of an app.  With Blocklogy E-learning App students can think of the implementation of what is learnt, using Interactive UI and Multi-media rich content for an in-depth understanding of the subject.

  • For All Age Groups / No Technical Background require

Blocklogy online courses are designed in such a manner that anyone can learn and educate selves about techs like; AI, Blockchain & IoT without being an expert or having any programming or technical knowledge regarding subjects. So, whatever your age is and whatever field you belong in if you desire to learn futuristic techs just subscribe and learn using Blocklogy E-Learning App.

  • Extensive Topics

With this E-learning initiative, Blocklogy vision is to empower students towards high-pay and opportunities offering technologies. And, to achieve that Blocklogy E-Learning App is consist of diverse course covering all major and minor included topics through multi-media, quizzes and regular updates on Blocklogy feeds about ongoing tech trends and news.

  • Learning Layer Approach

To ensure the impact full delivery of information and knowledge of the subject to the students, Blocklogy E-learning App uses Learning Layer Approach. Means, each course has multiple belts within such as; Yellow, Blue, Black, etc. and each belt unlock after the completion of the previous one, and within those belts, there are various levels covering every corner of the topic.

  • Blockchain-powered Certificates

With Blockchain E-Learning courses, the user gets a course completion certificate powered on a secured network of Blockchain using CertiDApp – An open-source digital certificate Issuer. So, once you completed your course you can start your booming career with the sectors of high-paying jobs

So don’t just isolate, Learn. Subscribe for Blocklogy E-Learning Courses and become future-ready just by learning emerging topics right from your couch at a very affordable price. Join Now…

Blocklogy Web – https://blocklogy.org/

Blocklogy E-Learning App – https://play.google.com/store/search?q=blocklogy&c=apps&hl=en

CertiDApp – Open-source Certificate Issuer – https://certidapp.com/

Top Features of CertiDApp

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To prevent fraud and to provide security assurance on your credentials, Blocklogy Edutech has introduced an open-source certificate issuer powered on the Blockchain network; CertiDApp. With CertiDApp your Institute/Organization can securely issue certificates in bulk for free to the concerned ones, an only minimal gas fee to claim the certificate is required by the receiver.

CertiDApp utilizes Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Ethereum Blockchain`s Immutability and IPFS decentralized file storage to feature transparent verification of certificates. The validation and assessment of certificate issuer will be executed, approved and published by Blocklogy experts on Blockchain Smart Contracts, which means one`s you are verified you can issue and store certificates simply & authentically on Blockchain with our open-source platform; CertiDApp. CertiDApp is a unique way of issuing certificates, and the followings are the top features that make CertiDApp Authentic & Unique:

  1. CertiDApp offers customization features to issue certificates; a user can use various inputs of data to create customized certificates as per issuers requirement
  2. CertiDApp uses ECDSA for Signing and Verifying the signatures on the digital certificates
  3. No certificate issuing fees charged on CertiDApp to certifying authority
  4. Certificate receivers can choose to pay minimal gas-fee to claim certificates according to their preference and urgency
  5. Your certificates get stored on Highly Decentralized Secure Ethereum Blockchain
  6. Verify the authenticity of certificate easily on Blockchain-powered open-source certificates issuing platform; CertiDApp
  7. A single certificate can be signed by multiple authorities if required while issuing, even one can edit already created certificate and add additional signature
  8. Using IPFS Decentralized Storage, project files or any other data sheets can be included in the certificate, to demonstrate the required data

These are the top features that make CertiDApp unique, efficient and organization friendly for issuing Digital Certificates authentically on a secured blockchain network.

So start issuing certificates on CertiDApp for free and Make your organization`s credentials secured on the blockchain. You can issue certificates for various purposes such as; Scholarship Certificates, Participation Certificates, Internship Certificates, Course Completion Certificates, Rating, Benchmark Certificates or any kind of credentials to represent your organization`s authenticity and dynamically.

To start issuing certificates right away, visit below link:


To know more about CertiDApp, Check our YouTube Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWLm8BSuT0Q

For more information visit site:


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You might have heard about Build In Blockchain e-Conclave, Blocklogy is organizing to Network, Collaborate and Introduce Blockchain & Its Multiple Use-cases to improve the efficiency compared to the existing centralized platforms. This exclusive blockchain event is going to be held at Amity University, Mumbai date will be soon disclosed. These event will be of two days and the second day will be focused on #InnovateWithBlockchain; an open-house session where everybody with an open mind is welcome.

Under this initiative, Blocklogy welcomes you to join hands and let us together innovate and implement Blockchain Technology, to transform and drive large-scale shifts in the business model of organizations. With this initiative, our vision is to build a community dedicated to developing the Blockchain Ecosystem and its associations with other emerging technologies while expanding the role of the market in the global blockchain industry by creating a conducive business environment and promote Decentralization and Transparency.


Efficiency: With the successful implementation of Blockchain technology we can improve productivity to deliver significant cost savings. The process current centralized platforms use are not just costly and time-consuming but also riddled with human error, where each inaccuracy makes tracking and delivering outputs less efficient. Blockchain has the potential to eliminate problems that occur with centralized platforms.

Transformation: Blockchain Technology is an innovation that leads to a quantum jump in customer experience, market share expansion and launch of decentralized products for a single decentralized and middlemen less community. With the right implementation of blockchain we can improve the accuracy by removing human involvement and powering business on Smart Contracts

Disruptive: If implemented correctly, blockchain has the potential to disrupt the industry with new business models, revenue streams, and change the competition landscape. Blockchain is an important and growing technology that can deliver the right value to the community for their hard work and can create a self-sustainable marketplace for the betterment of society.

So are you ready to join us in this exclusive event and #InnovateWithBlockchain in this year’s Build In Blockchain e-Conclave, for free, to innovate and shape the future with the help of these emerging techs.

Visit site:

For more information visit site:

Youtube channel:

Some interesting statistics regarding the rise of Blockchain Jobs was published by one of the biggest job portals in the world. The number of Blockchain jobs increased by 631% from 2015 and it is still growing. Forecasts even suggest that global blockchain technology revenues will experience massive growth in the coming years, with the market expected to climb to over 23.3 billion U.S. dollars in size by 2023. The financial sector has been one of the quickest to invest in blockchain, with over 60 percent of the technology’s market value concentrated in this field. With such tremendous potential in the market and exponential growth in demand for talents in the coming years still many are unaware of the fact that What Exactly is Blockchain? There are very few to train and educate youth on this cutting edge technology.

Blocklogy is an e-Learning Platform initiated by KMPARDS, in order to educate and empower the youth across the globe towards next-gen technologies like Blockchain, Intelligent IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Ethical Hacking and more in an affordable cost. Blocklogy has been established for the last 2-years and is one of the leading training companies in Mumbai, that educate students efficiently on Futuristic Technologies.

Presently, learning material available for blockchain-like techs are only based on theory and do not have an amalgamation of Blockchain & Its real-time applications. And, skilling the youth about these futuristic technologies is the real social work, since these are the technologies that are going to survive in the future. So Blocklogy has identified and incorporated a few key elements in their road map that it delivers through the Center of Excellence:

  • Instructor-Led Diploma & Certification Courses on emerging technologies
  • Faculty Development Programs to upgrade the academicians on latest technologies
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Scholarship Programs
  • BootCamps to spread awareness of next-gen technologies
  • Industrial Visits for Practical Learning
  • International Conclaves & Summits for Business tie-ups and Collaborations

Looking at the industry demands, there is a need for skilled professionals in the field of Blockchain like techs, and if we look at the statistics closely, you`ll notice that India can easily produce Blockchain Developers to fill the demand. In fact, on the speed that the blockchain market is expanding, it is possible that India becomes the biggest hub of Blockchain Developers and other Emerging Technology professionals. Still, many freshers and students are unaware of the fact that what exactly blockchain & its global applications are. To educate students about Blockchain like tech; Blocklogy has visited 250+ Colleges and has been associated with multiple reputed universities from different states to make students future-ready with the help of various Collaborative Tech-events, Workshops, Scholarship & Internship Programs, FDPs, STTPs, and multiple seminars on the subject of Blockchain, Web 3.0, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advance IoT,  and more.

Blocklogy Edutech has issued 4000+ Participation/ Scholarship/ Workshop/ Course Completion Certificates on Blockchain using our new open-source platform CertiDApp, to encourage students. Education Institutions are the right place, to conduct training. Our goal is to identify those skillful students and give them the opportunity to learn and rise through our Scholarship & Internship Program

Apart from Blocklogy Programs to initiate students, Blocklogy has introduced, Blocklogy e-Learning App. It provides multiple courses such as; Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Ethical Hacking and Intelligent IoT with a user-friendly interface where learning is fun with simple and robust techniques. Blocklogy App provides a fun-filled interactive user experience with great infographics, videos and tech quizzes for a better understanding of the concepts. Hierarchies of modules are designed based on the level of knowledge an individual has; “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Expert”, this hierarchy system is implemented using various Belts and Levels to give learner knowledge from basic to expert level. On Blocklogy e-Learning App students also have access to the discussion forum where experts resolve all the doubts and queries on a daily basis.   

Blocklogy`s Ongoing Initiatives:

Build In Blockchain e-Conclave 2020: In Collaboration with reputed Amity University, Mumbai, Blocklogy Edutech is organizing a conclave where Students, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Academicians, and Technocrats will be gathering to Learn, Discuss and Explore diverse opportunities Blockchain brings on the table. This conclave is focused on Industry-Academia Collaboration & Tie-ups for Blockchain-based solutions. Multiple firms, Organizations & Experts will be collaborating through Head-on Interactions and Keynote Sessions during this Build In Blockchain e-Conclave.

Center of Academic Excellence: Blocklogy is introducing Instructor Led-Training + Internship Opportunities, through its Center of Academic Excellence, for people who are interested in learning, blockchain technology and multiple emerging technologies from Beginners to Expert Level. Blocklogy is coming up with multiple Diploma & Certification Courses, these courses are for those who have no programming knowledge, yet would like to learn. Students will be learning form Subject matter experts during this 3+ Month course, using live projects and demonstration of multiple Blockchain & Its Application’s. A certificate for this course will be issued on Blockchain, which brings us to Blocklogy`s other initiative.

CertiDApp: Blocklogy developed an open-source platform called CertiDApp, where one can store & issue free certificates simply & securely on Blockchain. It lets you issue any kind of certificate you require, depends on your sector and requirements. For e.g. Scholarship, Rating, Course Completion, Participation and various kind of Certificates with custom data input and features of multiple digital signatures. With ECDSA Security, no one can fake a blockchain certificate. And, because of the decentralized nature of blockchain, CertiDApp becomes a Durable, Reliable, and Secured way of issuing certificates.  

KMPARDS aims to spread awareness about Next-gen Technologies across the globe through the Blocklogy e-Learning Platform, based on these elements KMPARDS mission is to educate the concept of emerging and diverse techs, integrate it in the curriculum and get it incorporated as a subject for the new generation to thrive on. For 2020 our goal is to reach 27+ Cities and Educate & Provide Courses on these emerging subjects at affordable costs.

Mr. Tarun Baur the Founder & Director of Blocklogy Edutech Limited, believes that “what differentiates the communities from the businesses over time is their ability to grow and sustain.”

Meaning, one has to put their community first!

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Blockchain has become very popular in recent years, because of its nature. It is a distributed digitalized ledger technology that enables extremely secure and legitimate transactions to take place using a peer-to-peer network. Blockchain was introduced in 2008 and brought into practical use from 2009. Since then, it has continued to gain popularity and has become increasingly useful and efficient in a lot of domains.

Because of the craze and potential Blockchain brings and interactive design and diverse topics of Blocklogy E-learning App, Blockchain is one of the most subscribed courses in Blocklogy. Blocklogy aims to educate the concept of blockchain and nurture new talents in Blockchain Programming. This initiative will develop the future community of future-oriented technology and build a strong foundation of better tomorrow.

Five Reasons to learn Blockchain with Blocklogy

  • Excellent Career Opportunities

Since blockchain was introduced as a new concept, it has created more and more job opportunities for trained blockchain professionals. Once you educate yourself about Blockchain you will be one step towards your promising blockchain career. Every year and especially around 2017, a significant hike in salaries was noted driving more people to get trained and seek jobs in the blockchain domain.

  • New-age Technology Integration

Blockchain is flexible to integrate with all sorts of traditional as well as new technologies, because of its universal infrastructure. It already has various applications in the domains of banking, commodity trading, voting, supply chain, management, etc. Also, the concept of blockchain, smart contracts, and distributed ledger system merges perfectly.

  • High Demand

Since the time of its arrival, Blockchain has continued to gain popularity and prove its potentiality. Statistically, it`s proven that blockchain`s demand in the market has increased every year. This level of growth shows that blockchain is going to remain a domain of having job opportunities.

  • Transparency

Technically, blockchain is a secure chain of digital records that exists on multiple computers rapidly so no record can be erased or falsified. Blockchain`s lack of central storage place ensures there is no one target for hackers. In fact, some suggest that blockchain could become a component of the next generation of the internet.

  • The Inflection Point of an Era

Blockchain is believed to be one of the revolutionary technologies that secure the spot in the market. Already many Giant Corporations have integrated with blockchain technology. This means that it won’t take long for blockchain to become a widely accepted technology.

These were the reasons for you to learn blockchain. We hope this list of reasons will help you make your mind. And, if you have made up your mind visit the link below, Download Blocklogy E-learning App & Empower yourself towards future technology.

Apart from Blockchain, there are many more compelling courses available on Blocklogy such as; Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Technoingress, Intelligent IoT and many more.

Blocklogy E-learning App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blocklogy.blocklogyapp

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuuEZeumDMlhFHT866Z-8Cg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blocklogy/


Technology is everywhere. It is so inherited that it has been included in every part of our culture. It affects how we live, Work, Play and most importantly Learn. The great thing about tech skills is that once you figure out how one part works, it gets easier and easier to dive into other parts and figure out how things work by yourself.

In order to educate students of all age groups across the globe & empower them towards next-gen technology, Blocklogy Edutech has introduced an E-learning Application. It is an educational mobile application & has diverse topics related to various modern & trending techs with their applications. Blocklogy E-learning App pushes students to think out of the box and it is designed in such an interactive manner that any student can implement what is learned and be a step closer towards their thriving tech-career.

Followings are the courses available for students on Blocklogy E-learning App:

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized database stored on multiple computers as identical copies. In layman terms, the internet gave us the age of information, & Blockchain gives us the age of digital ownership. The applications of blockchain technology are limitless. According to statistics, blockchain technology is growing in various sectors such as healthcare, banking, smart contracts, cybersecurity, cloud storage, and many more.


Technoingress is a bundle course for people who want to learn basics of all various techs at one place such as; Blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc. This is the kind of course mostly preferred by students from other fields and interested in learning tech. So basically, Technoingress is the course you are looking for if you are a beginner in tech-field and seek to learn various technologies in a single bundle.

Intelligent IoT

IoT networks become intelligent when these networks make use of autonomous technology such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Technologies such as AI make greater use of broad connectedness and vast data streams that IoT devices are capable of. Intelligent IoT is a very compelling topic to learn and implement in a career.

Networking & Ethical Hacking  

Networking is basically an exchange of data with each other using a connection between nodes. Ethical Hacking Bypassing system security to identify potential data breaches and threats in a network are called Ethical Hacking. It is an authorized practice, and one who becomes an expert in ethical hacking can easily make a great career.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence includes various applications such as expert systems, natural language processing (NLP) speech recognition and machine vision. AI is basically the simulation of human intelligence processes by machine. Machine Learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform a specific task without using explicit instruction that makes them rely on patterns and inference instead.

If you are interested in learning Next Generation & Trending Growing Technologies and want to get one step closer towards becoming a tech expert and have a thriving career, Install Blocklogy E-learning App & Subscribe for the course that suits you.


Website: https://www.blocklogy.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Blocklogy/


World is growing really fast and technology with it, and the benefit of having some tech skills under your belt makes you one step closer to become a tech expert. There are so many benefits of learning techs from Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain Technology. Every career and industry is becoming more tech-focused and tech-reliant. Industries from agriculture to education are integrating tech into their day-to-day working. It is clear that those who have tech skills will have a much easier to fit into this future technology based world.

To make students and people who wish to learn new technologies, Blocklogy Edutech has come up with an E-learning Platform for people of all age groups. Blocklogy provides you courses on topics such as; Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Ethical Hacking and various other courses.

Following are some key features of Blocklogy E-learning Platform:

  • User Friendly

Blocklogy is a user friendly educational mobile application with Interactive UI & audio-visual learning materials to give learner an in-depth and better understanding of the subject.

  • All age groups

Blocklogy courses are designed in such a way so that anyone can learn and educate themselves about tech-like; Blockchain & AI through the e-learning system at their convenience and availability. So, any person of any age who desires to learn tech can subscribe and learn from Blocklogy.

  • Live Sessions

Blocklogy conducts live sessions for students with Industry and Tech experts to evaluate the latest technologies trends and discuss live projects with in depth analysis. So students can learn & get the idea of implementing what is learnt with the help of experts.

  • Self-Paced Learning

Blocklogy courses have been designed by keeping in mind the knowledge of an individual. Learners who subscribed for courses can also Self-schedule the course with user notification to remind them about the study time.

  • Workshops

A workshop is a way to pass ideas and methods throughout. Blocklogy conducts exclusive management development programs to equip and empower the business professionals of today on next gen technologies using live projects & use cases.

  • Vast Topics

Blocklogy is an initiative to empower students toward next-gen technologies. And, to accomplish that this platform holds courses on various tech subjects such as; Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Digital Marketing, Ethical Hacking and many more topics.

So Visit https://www.blocklogy.org/index.html or download Blocklogy E-learning App from your Play Store, Subscribe for our Interactive Self-Paced Courses & Stay one step ahead.

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