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Blocklogy is a global online education platform that teaches advanced technologies like blockchain to students all across the world. It is inevitable that the demand for modern technologies like blockchain will rise in the coming future and so will the job prospects in this field. Blocklogy aims to prepare a future-ready workforce by providing efficient and comprehensive blockchain education to everyone.

Here are some top reasons to learn Blockchain Tech with Blocklogy App.

Dedicated Mobile App

Considering the fact that everyone today has access to smartphone devices, the blocklogy platform has been launched in the form of a mobile app, enabling millions of people worldwide to simply install the app and start learning. Anytime, anywhere.

Industry Standard Blockchain Education

Unlike other third-party blockchain courses which are either incomplete or irrelevant to the user, the blockchain course at blocklogy is designed to provide Industry standard education from blockchain concepts to high-level programming, enabling students to learn everything by joining a single course.

Career-focused Learning

Rather than adding a lot of irrelevant and unnecessary content such as blockchain research papers, blogs, etc., the course has been designed to include relevant and career-oriented learning material with a special focus on practical learning with the aim to make students future-ready.

Blockchain Education for All

One of the unique and most crucial aspects of blocklogy app is that it is suitable for everyone, of any age and technical background, who wants to learn blockchain technology and has a real passion to make a career in this industry. The app has courses divided into different modules for users of different understanding (knowledge) level.

User-friendly Platform

The Blocklogy mobile app is designed with an interactive user-interface. It also features audio-visual learning materials to make it easier for students to learn blockchain technology for a better understanding of the subject matter.

Self-paced Learning

Keeping in mind the busy schedule of today’s generation, the blockchain app comes with self-paced learning feature which enables users to read and learn at their own pace. The mobile app makes it easy to access the courses at any time and from anywhere.

Assessment & Certifications

Each module in the blocklogy course is accompanied by carefully crafted assessments, tests and quizzes to analyze the knowledge of a student. Based on the test results, students are given certificates on an immutable public blockchain.

Chat & Discussion Forms

There is an inbuilt chat option in blocklogy to enable students to chat with each other. There is also a discussion board where students can talk about relevant topics and learn more.

Live Sessions with Industry Experts

In addition to interactive classes and learning material, blocklogy will also conduct regular live sessions with blockchain industry experts and teachers from around the world to give students a better exposure to the latest technology trends. Teachers will be rewarded for their contribution.

Affiliation with Schools/Colleges

Last but not least, blocklogy will map the users based on their schools & colleges, enabling students from the same institutions to connect with each other. The platform will also tie up with schools/colleges around the globe for better delivery of curriculum-ready blockchain courses.

So, what are you waiting for. If you want to learn this amazing next gen technology blockchain, download blocklogy today from playstore – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blocklogy.appp. Learn blockchain today for a rewarding career tomorrow.

Visit: http://www.blocklogy.org/

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