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Blockchain technology is something which can empower a wide range of processes in a variety of industries.

Blockchain technology virtually has applications in every sector which has anything to do with information & data sharing, which loosely defined almost every industry. Thankfully, business owners and investors have started understanding the power of this futuristic technology and are now actively investing in the development and use of blockchain-powered solutions. This is why the demand for blockchain is increasing.

Academic institutions, colleges and schools are the foundation of the young minds and this is why they are the best places to impart comprehensive and career-focused blockchain education.

Let’s now try to understand the significance of the blockchain tech in our lives and for the betterment of the world.

Blockchain is in High Demand

If you’re looking for a career change or simply want to add a new skill to your resume to improve its value, blockchain should be the first choice in line. Here are the reasons :-

From startups to established corporations, everyone is hiring blockchain experts.

Job prospects in the blockchain industry are higher than any other sector.

The supply of blockchain experts is much lower than the demand. For each blockchain expert, there are 4 jobs on average.

You can choose from a number of options – blockchain developer, analyst, consultant, engineer, solution architect, research analyst, etc.

Why is Blockchain in High Demand?

Being a cutting-edge technology, which literally promises to solve the lingering issues of many industries, blockchain is slowly and steadily rising in popularity. Blockchain is decentralized, distributed, immutable, public, secure, and fast. Here’s why the demand for blockchain is increasing rapidly.

More transparency in transactions ensures accuracy and consistency in data.

Blockchain is highly secure as the transactions are verified and encrypted before they’re recorded.

A public record of transactions makes it easy to trace and validate these transactions.

Blockchain transactions are faster and more efficient since there are no middlemen.

The lack of middleman also reduces the transaction cost for the involved parties.

And this is exactly why academic institutions should seriously consider including blockchain training and certification courses in their campus learning.

How can academic institutions include Blockchain in campus learning?

It is the right time for schools & colleges around the world to start teaching blockchain in order to prepare their students for the future. Blocklogy provides an easy to use mobile app based e-learning platform for career-oriented blockchain education. The app is designed with courses focused on delivering complete blockchain training, along with certifications, including blockchain concepts, programming and application development.

One of the best benefits of learning blockchain with blocklogy is that the courses are designed in a very easy and interactive way to ensure that even the non-techies can easily absorb the concepts & practical implementations of the blockchain technology.

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