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According to a statistics report, more than 2,000 blockchain related jobs were posted during August 2018 in the US alone. The popular freelancing site Upwork has listed blockchain as the top trending skills for the year 2017 and 2018 consecutively. So, if you’ve been looking for a new, in-demand skill to learn this year, blockchain tech should be the first in line.

The demand for blockchain skills and experts has increased exponentially in the past year or so. This distributed ledger technology has effectively presented solutions to the obvious yet lingering problems of many industries, including finance, healthcare, identity, real estate, logistics, and more. As more sectors are increasingly adopting the blockchain tech, the demand for experts to develop decentralized applications and blockchain smart contracts is only going to rise in the coming days.

Now, the next question that comes to mind is how to learn blockchain technology or how to start a career in this industry. We will try to answer the same here.

In order to build a strong career in blockchain tech, one should get familiar with the basics of this technology. Since the blockchain is still in its early phases, there are not many reliable and complete tutorials available through which you can learn the complete concepts and programming of this tech in order to start a career in it. However, there are one or two resources which offer comprehensive learning options in blockchain technology. Blocklogy is one such platform.

Blockchain Education with Blocklogy

Blocklogy is an online learning platform available in mobile app format and designed with the aim to deliver quality and affordable blockchain education for everyone. The team behind Blocklogy understands that different user types have different levels of understanding and pace of learning. This is why the app covers all the blockchain topics, from basics to expert (programming) level, with a special focus on the practical implementation of whatever you learn.

Start with the Basics (Blockchain Fundamentals)

To make it possible for everyone to learn the concepts of blockchain tech in the easiest and interactive manner, the courses at blocklogy are divided into different modules – Basic, Intermediate, Expert – according to the understanding level of different types of users. If you’re a beginner, you can start with the Basic module which covers the various fundamentals of the blockchain tech, including network & its types, blockchain tools digital wallet & its types, solidity programming, tokens, etc.

This course aims to teach learners with the various concepts of the blockchain tech so that they become familiar with what this technology actually is and how it works.

Learn Practical Implementation of Blockchain (Cryptocurrency)

Once you’ve got yourself familiar with the fundamentals of the blockchain tech, the next step is to start learning the practical implementation of everything you’ve learnt so far. The second module of Blocklogy is designed to teach students the practical implementation along with hands-on experience in the various experiences related to the blockchain. At this stage, you’ll learn to use Raspberry Pi, programming, GETH, setting up node in testnet, and many more.

Blockchain Programming

The final step would be to learn blockchain development and programming. For this purpose, the Blocklogy app has three dedicated courses under the Expert module. The first of the courses cover the programming concepts that one must be familiar with in order to be able to write blockchain code & programs. The remaining two courses teach development in Ethereum (public blockchain) and Quorum (private blockchain) respectively. By the time you finish the courses, you’ll be an expert blockchain programmer/developer.

Each module in the blocklogy app is accompanied by a certification exam, following which the learner will be granted a certificate which they can showcase in their resume/portfolio.

Becoming an expert in blockchain tech will open doors to many more opportunities, career-wise, in various industries.

So, don’t wait now. Join Blocklogy today. Download blocklogy and subscribe for blocklogy app- and take your career toward a new track. 

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