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Blocklogy is a mobile app designed by KMPARDS with the aim to enable everyone to learn blockchain skills and programming, irrespective of their age, financial and technology background.

Why should you learn blockchain now?

Blockchain tech is the future. Employers all over the globe are already hiring blockchain experts and programmers for the development of futuristic decentralized applications. You can no longer expect to get the same job opportunities in skills like Java and PHP because these are the technologies of the past. Blockchain is a technology of the present and the future. It is in high demand and can help you land a fantastic, high-paying job.

How to learn blockchain technology ?

Since blockchain technology is still in its infancy, there are not many tutorials and books available on this subject matter, and the ones that are available are either insufficient or outdated. What you need is a comprehensive and career-oriented blockchain learning solution that can give you the theoretical knowledge of blockchain as well as teach us practical implementation.

Blocklogy – A one stop solution for learning blockchain technology

Blocklogy is an e-learning platform which is available in the form of a mobile app. The app will be made available on google playstore. Anyone, who is interested in learning blockchain skills/programming in order to make a career in this industry, can download the app and join a course with Blocklogy. Here’s how it works.

The Blocklogy app gives you access to 9 blockchain courses divided among three modules. These modules have been designed keeping in mind the level of learners. For instance, the Basic module is for beginners who are not much familiar with blockchain technology and its applications.

Blocklog modules and courses

Module 1: Basic

White Belt

Yellow Belt

Orange Belt

Green Belt

Blue Belt

Module 2: Intermediate

Brown Belt

Module 3: Expert

Red Belt (Expert Concepts (Part-1)

Black Belt (Expert Developments (Part-2 A))

Ninja (Expert Developments (Part-2 B))

In order to enroll for a course at Blocklogy, students will first have to download and access the Blocklogy mobile app through a compatible device. Blocklogy Edutech will soon release dedicated e-learning tablet, called Blocklogy Tab, which will be loaded with Blocklogy e-learning app. The Blocklogy app can be accessed via any compatible smartphone device or tablet.

Once you’ve downloaded the Blocklogy app on your device, you can enroll for the complete package of the aforementioned blockchain courses going up level by level from white belt.

Note: Blockchain courses at Blocklogy are affordable for everyone. The users will have to pay a minimal fee starting at INR 70 for the Basic (White Belt) course.

Blocklogy features and benefits

Still unsure about Blocklogy? Take a look at the various features of Blocklogy that make it a one-stop solution for blockchain Education.

A user-friendly learning environment with interactive UI (user interface) and audio-visual learning material

Self-paced learning, enabling students to learn at their own pace and in their own time.

Self-scheduling of course along with reminder notifications

Convenient and easy learning system designed for all age groups in mind

Dedicate chat & discussion forum where students can discuss topics and ask questions

Carefully designed assessments, tests & quizzes to evaluate students after each course

Professional Blockchain Certification awarded after completion of each course and exam

Rewards to students & teachers for their activities, achievements and contribution

Live sessions with industry experts and teachers from around the globe

Blockchain-based games, practicals, etc.

A vast network of schools/colleges connected via Blocklogy

Inbuilt wallet for payment and reward collection Rating & Review system to keep the platform clean, transparent and productive

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