Some interesting statistics regarding the rise of Blockchain Jobs was published by one of the biggest job portals in the world. The number of Blockchain jobs increased by 631% from 2015 and it is still growing. Forecasts even suggest that global blockchain technology revenues will experience massive growth in the coming years, with the market expected to climb to over 23.3 billion U.S. dollars in size by 2023. The financial sector has been one of the quickest to invest in blockchain, with over 60 percent of the technology’s market value concentrated in this field. With such tremendous potential in the market and exponential growth in demand for talents in the coming years still many are unaware of the fact that What Exactly is Blockchain? There are very few to train and educate youth on this cutting edge technology.

Blocklogy is an e-Learning Platform initiated by KMPARDS, in order to educate and empower the youth across the globe towards next-gen technologies like Blockchain, Intelligent IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Ethical Hacking and more in an affordable cost. Blocklogy has been established for the last 2-years and is one of the leading training companies in Mumbai, that educate students efficiently on Futuristic Technologies.

Presently, learning material available for blockchain-like techs are only based on theory and do not have an amalgamation of Blockchain & Its real-time applications. And, skilling the youth about these futuristic technologies is the real social work, since these are the technologies that are going to survive in the future. So Blocklogy has identified and incorporated a few key elements in their road map that it delivers through the Center of Excellence:

  • Instructor-Led Diploma & Certification Courses on emerging technologies
  • Faculty Development Programs to upgrade the academicians on latest technologies
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Scholarship Programs
  • BootCamps to spread awareness of next-gen technologies
  • Industrial Visits for Practical Learning
  • International Conclaves & Summits for Business tie-ups and Collaborations

Looking at the industry demands, there is a need for skilled professionals in the field of Blockchain like techs, and if we look at the statistics closely, you`ll notice that India can easily produce Blockchain Developers to fill the demand. In fact, on the speed that the blockchain market is expanding, it is possible that India becomes the biggest hub of Blockchain Developers and other Emerging Technology professionals. Still, many freshers and students are unaware of the fact that what exactly blockchain & its global applications are. To educate students about Blockchain like tech; Blocklogy has visited 250+ Colleges and has been associated with multiple reputed universities from different states to make students future-ready with the help of various Collaborative Tech-events, Workshops, Scholarship & Internship Programs, FDPs, STTPs, and multiple seminars on the subject of Blockchain, Web 3.0, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advance IoT,  and more.

Blocklogy Edutech has issued 4000+ Participation/ Scholarship/ Workshop/ Course Completion Certificates on Blockchain using our new open-source platform CertiDApp, to encourage students. Education Institutions are the right place, to conduct training. Our goal is to identify those skillful students and give them the opportunity to learn and rise through our Scholarship & Internship Program

Apart from Blocklogy Programs to initiate students, Blocklogy has introduced, Blocklogy e-Learning App. It provides multiple courses such as; Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Ethical Hacking and Intelligent IoT with a user-friendly interface where learning is fun with simple and robust techniques. Blocklogy App provides a fun-filled interactive user experience with great infographics, videos and tech quizzes for a better understanding of the concepts. Hierarchies of modules are designed based on the level of knowledge an individual has; “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Expert”, this hierarchy system is implemented using various Belts and Levels to give learner knowledge from basic to expert level. On Blocklogy e-Learning App students also have access to the discussion forum where experts resolve all the doubts and queries on a daily basis.   

Blocklogy`s Ongoing Initiatives:

Build In Blockchain e-Conclave 2020: In Collaboration with reputed Amity University, Mumbai, Blocklogy Edutech is organizing a conclave where Students, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Academicians, and Technocrats will be gathering to Learn, Discuss and Explore diverse opportunities Blockchain brings on the table. This conclave is focused on Industry-Academia Collaboration & Tie-ups for Blockchain-based solutions. Multiple firms, Organizations & Experts will be collaborating through Head-on Interactions and Keynote Sessions during this Build In Blockchain e-Conclave.

Center of Academic Excellence: Blocklogy is introducing Instructor Led-Training + Internship Opportunities, through its Center of Academic Excellence, for people who are interested in learning, blockchain technology and multiple emerging technologies from Beginners to Expert Level. Blocklogy is coming up with multiple Diploma & Certification Courses, these courses are for those who have no programming knowledge, yet would like to learn. Students will be learning form Subject matter experts during this 3+ Month course, using live projects and demonstration of multiple Blockchain & Its Application’s. A certificate for this course will be issued on Blockchain, which brings us to Blocklogy`s other initiative.

CertiDApp: Blocklogy developed an open-source platform called CertiDApp, where one can store & issue free certificates simply & securely on Blockchain. It lets you issue any kind of certificate you require, depends on your sector and requirements. For e.g. Scholarship, Rating, Course Completion, Participation and various kind of Certificates with custom data input and features of multiple digital signatures. With ECDSA Security, no one can fake a blockchain certificate. And, because of the decentralized nature of blockchain, CertiDApp becomes a Durable, Reliable, and Secured way of issuing certificates.  

KMPARDS aims to spread awareness about Next-gen Technologies across the globe through the Blocklogy e-Learning Platform, based on these elements KMPARDS mission is to educate the concept of emerging and diverse techs, integrate it in the curriculum and get it incorporated as a subject for the new generation to thrive on. For 2020 our goal is to reach 27+ Cities and Educate & Provide Courses on these emerging subjects at affordable costs.

Mr. Tarun Baur the Founder & Director of Blocklogy Edutech Limited, believes that “what differentiates the communities from the businesses over time is their ability to grow and sustain.”

Meaning, one has to put their community first!

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