Introduction & Hands-on with Artificial Neuron Network (ANN)

Diploma in Data Science is a course for those who have no programming knowledge yet would like to learn Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
Get a better understanding of all the subjects under Data Science by learning from Industry Experts with Live-projects, showcasing multiple Applications with its real-time use cases.

About this Certification Program

  • Total 50 Hours Blockchain training from beginners to expert level is being Covered over 24 sessions, 1 session per Weekend/ Weekday.
  • The class sessions will be held – Weekdays & Weekends
  • All Course fees are in INR/ US Dollars.
  • This course will be taught in Hindi/ English Language
  • Certificate issued on Blockchain
  • Free Internship along with training


  • Introduction to Artificial Neuron Network
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of ANN
  • Applications of ANN
  • Neurons Concept
  • Schematic Diagram of Neuron
  • Comparison between the Human Brain and ANN
  • Artificial Neuron Network Simulation to Neuron
  • Layers in ANN Model
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Structure
  • Supervised ANN and Unsupervised ANN
  • Characteristics of Artificial Neural Networks
  • Elements of Artificial Neural Networks
  • Different Types of Artificial Neural Networks
  • Transfer Functions (Activation Functions) of ANN
  • Training & Applications of ANN

Who can take this course?

Anyone aspiring to learn emerging technologies can take this course. This course is developed to educate students of all age groups and professions on the subject of Data Science.


No prior knowledge of programming or any technical background is required